My Favourite Go-To Skincare Tool I Use Daily!

favourite skin tool

I was surprised to see Gua Sha trending on Instagram because roughly translated it means skin scraping. Not so surprised, I guess? Because I jumped to join the trend as quickly as I could. It mainly works to remove toxins from our skin; it also works well for the wrinkles on our face. I know this personally because I have experienced the skin benefits on my face.

My wrinkles have subsided to a bare minimum. I have also fallen in love with how mystical these Gua shas are – with rose quartz, some with fine marbles, and some akin to jade rollers. Gua Sha works because it kicks our faces’ cleansing system into action. It helps to remove lymph that has been accumulated over time and is now stagnant causing a decline in our faces’ natural healing capacities.

Gua sha is a technique which has been used in traditional East Asian medicine for years up until it found its fame on Instagram. It was previously found to help treat muscle pain, but the research has been limited. With what I now know about Gua sha, it helps to remove toxins and move energy or the qi underneath the skin. The process involves using long strongs to help apply pressure to the parts of skin. It also creates bruising at times but that is okay. It creates trauma for the skin, which breaks down the connective tissues, improving the movement in joints.

I don’t recommend it for people with extremely sensitive skin, but you can decide that for yourself or consult your dermatologist. Using Gua sha didn’t have any side effects for me, instead it was pleasing to watch my complexion get better and my skin to regain its elasticity. It felt supple and nice to touch.

Before Instagram caught up with ancient science, Gua sha was already being used regularly in the Asian household as a cost effective remedy to skin ailments and body ailments. It is cost effective as it does not require wasting your time and energy in other products.

As you keep using the Gua sha tools , your skin will get adjusted to the pressure and show the results very quickly. It is also time effective and should be done once a week.

It not only improves texture, but also helps to tone and sculpt your jawline and cheeks. I closely follow the directions given on the box of my tool instead of going ahead with my understanding. I recommend that you also do it as it is mentioned or you could also youtube the process. It is a perfect self care routine as the results are instantaneous and you didn’t have to go out somewhere for it.

When I first used it, I could feel my face light as if some weight had been lifted, which is true. Gua sha helps to drain the lymphatic system. It also helped to relax the stiff muscles around my neck. Stiffness is ieventible especially when you have a desk-job, so might as well pick a gua sha, and find yourself feeling relatively freer than you did before. It will help boost blood circulation and will make your skin look more youthful and flushed. You don’t need to do all this by yourself. You can book a   Gua sha treatment and you will immediately see the results, and it will last for several days.

My experience with my dermatologist and a Gua Sha expert was splendid. Even though the treatment was a bit intense, I got the hang of it, and pretty much enjoyed the rest of it. I am already booking my next appointment as I found it to be cost effective and also a comprehensive skin routine. I do own a Gua sha tool as it is easy to use as well. It also helps me when I am stressed or I can feel my skin tighten due to long hours of sitting in front of the computer skin.

One of the best internet trends, I must say!

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