How to Discover What Colours Work Best for You

Colours Work Best for You

We have all been there. I remember trying on this pale-yellow dress and thinking to myself in the dressing room “why doesn’t this look good on me?”. It looked great coming off the rack, even on the mannequin, but when I tried it on it just looked wrong. This is the kind of situation when it is important to know which colours work well for you and which to avoid. Now I am aware of the colours that compliment my body and my skin tone it is so much easier to shop. I do not waste as much time trying things on because I know that some colours just will not work, no matter how much I love the garment! Experts will tell you that we can all wear any colour, but it is about finding the colour that suits you best. Below I have outlined how to perform a colour analysis of your skin tone and how this can help to find the colours that you should be wearing!

Colour analysis is how we can answer this all-important question. It helps to define which colours we wear and what makeup shades we use will accentuate our skin tone, our hair colour and our eye colour. You can even use it to find the perfect finer pieces, such as jewellery.

You need to consider two things when performing a skin analysis, your basal skin colour and your overall colouring. Your basal skin tone will be either warm or cool and your overall colouring will take your hair and eye colour into account.

For your basal skin tone, there are two tests that you can use. You can look at the underside of your arm in direct sunlight. If you have a rosy or pink undertone with blue veins then you are cool-toned and if you have a golden or apricot undertone with green-tinted veins then you are warm. Alternatively, you can hold a piece of gold or silver jewellery under your chin. If the gold accents your face better then you are in a warm tone and if it is silver then you are cool!

For cool skin tones, such as Angelina Jolie, you will want to look towards blue tones in your clothes and makeup. Greens, purples and paler tones are perfect, and you will want to opt for silver or rose gold jewellery over yellow gold.

On the other hand, for warmer tones like Heidi Klum, you should look towards the yellow shade. Browns, warm reds and oranges are a great compliment to your complexion, as well as yellow gold jewellery.

When you are looking at your overall colouring this is when the seasonal reference comes into play. I know that I am a cool skin tone, which is why that yellow dress just did not pop for me, but I am also a winter type. This is to do with my complexion and hair and eye colour. Cool tones are always summer or winter while warm tones are spring or autumn.

Summer colouring first of all is a cool skin tone with naturally ash blonde or light brown hair. You will also have blue, green or grey eyes. You will want to opt for pale colours with blue undertones. This includes any pastels or blues and greys.

For your winter colouring, you will again have a cool skin tone but instead, you have naturally darker hair colour, mid to dark brown, and darker eyes, deep blue, brown or green. You will suit bright, primary colours. Think scarlet red or royal blue, paired with your jeans.

Now, onto the warm tones, we will start with spring! If you have golden blonde or light to medium brown hair, then you are most likely a spring. This colouring has both cool and warm tones to their colouring so is a little versatile when it comes to the perfect shades. Muted shades and icy pastels will drain your colour, so these should be avoided. Otherwise, you can opt for true bright colours, these include coral, salmon pink, brick red and true blue. Warm colours with delicate pieces will make you shine!

Finally, we have our lovely autumn colouring. Ladies, if you are a warm skin tone and have red, auburn, dark brown or black hair with auburn highlights. Unlike with cool tone skin, warmer tones do not depend much on eye colouring to decide which season you fit into. You will want to opt for traditional autumn colours, think earthy tones and dusty reds, burnt oranges. Chocolate browns and golds are also complimentary to this skin tone and will certainly make any outfit you wear pop!

Colouring can change over time so if you think that certain shades do not compliment your skin tone like they used to see if your colouring may have changed. This could be because you changed your hair colour or spent more time at the beach and developed a tan. Whatever the reason, go back and assess whether you may have changed your colouring and how you can better complement the colouring you fit into now. I know that previously I went from one season to another and I found that I no longer suited pastels, but brighter, more vibrant colours, practically the opposite of my whole wardrobe!

So, if you are looking to revamp your wardrobe then first assess what season you fit into and from there you can find the perfect shades and colours to compliment you and make you look your absolute best. This is something that many of us struggle with but it is all about the knowledge of what looks good and what will not work. Take the time to discover your colouring and you will not be disappointed! It is so easy to find out where you fit into the seasonal analogy of colouring, so what do you have to lose? I was amazed by the transformation when I knew what I was looking for, and it certainly made all the difference.

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