Have You Tried the Easy TikTok Recipe Trends? We’ve Done It for You

Easy TikTok Recipe Trends

Since its launch in 2017, TikTok has become a fast-moving social media platform littered with viral trends. This has extended to makeup hacks, pranks, challenges, and of course food! But with so many recipes flooding TikTok are they worth the hype? Luckily, we have tested four of the top TikTok viral recipes trends for you, to save you time. We have made each one and decided whether it is a ‘yay’ or a ‘nay’ to these virtually delicious snacks and hacks.


  1. Natures Cereal

This recipe has been endorsed by Lizzo and is a healthy alternative to those sugary cereals that we all crave. It was developed by TikTok user @natures_food and is a simple combination of blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and pomegranate seeds doused in iced coconut water. A sprinkle of fresh mint is added as a garnish on top and voila! This is your ‘natures cereal’, but how does it taste and what is the verdict? It is good enough to replace your everyday unhealthy option?

If you think you would enjoy your fruit salad in soup form then this recipe will scratch that itch! It is certainly a far stretch from the sugary goodness that we indulge in every morning, but it is obvious that it is much better for you. It is also arguably the healthiest and most nutrient-rich TikTok recipe you will find. It is a fun way to add something different to your morning routine, but I do not think I could eat it every day of the week. I will be sticking to my cereal for the time being.

The mint does add something extra, but if you find yourself out of the herb, try adding some basil instead. It is a suitable substitute. Strawberries can also be used instead of raspberries if you prefer, and if you want to mix it up then adding some exotic dragon fruit or even mango pieces will take this dish to a whole new level!


  1. Tortilla Wrap Hack

This one is more of a technique, but it is intriguing nonetheless. It turns any of your favourite meals into a tasty quesadilla! You begin by choosing your favourite ingredients and putting each on a quarter of your large tortilla. Cut a slit between two of the sections and start folding them over until you end up with a large triangle. Pop it on a sandwich press or in a pan to grill and now you have a melty, gooey, tortilla sandwich of goodness.

They hit the nail on the head with this recipe! It is something that I have incorporated into my daily life and quite frankly I do not know how I went so long without it! It is extremely versatile, so you can virtually add any ingredients to suit your specific tastes.

You need to note that the last two quadrants will make up the outside of the quesadilla, so the ingredients here will get a little hotter than the ones in the middle. Adding meat or cheese to these will even out your toasty. Other than that, go for it and see what tasty combinations you can come up with!


  1. Cloud Bread

This is one that we have been wanting to try for a very, VERY long time. With just three ingredients you can make the fluffiest, softest bread that you have ever seen. Adding food colouring can make the bread even more visually appealing too, with TikTok-ers making all kinds of rainbow cloud bread for their viewers. It uses egg whites, sugar and cornstarch whipped into a thick meringue which is then baked into a loaf.

Let me start by saying, this is not bread per se. The taste of cloud bread is more like a sweet, fluffy omelette rather than a slice of bread. You will not be making sandwiches out of this one! It does not slice and it is just here to look pretty. After all the hype I am kind of disappointed by the results. I will not be making it again.

For the best results if you would still like to try it out for yourself, use a stand mixer and silicone baking mat. This will ensure that you get a somewhat loaf looking cloud bread rather than a flat mess.


  1. Baked Feta Pasta

The baked feta pasta dish is an extremely easy vegetarian meal that has taken TikTok by storm. It was introduced to us originally by a Finnish food blogger, Jenni Hayrinen, back in 2019. Since then it has become the star of the TikTok recipe world as many people try it out and see how amazing, and simple, it is!

All you need is to line a baking dish with cherry tomatoes and a block of feta on top.. bake until cooked through and toss the mix with your favourite pasta. Done!

It seemed too easy at first, which made all of us sceptical about how it was going to taste. But I must admit we were not disappointed at all! It is fool-proof and is full of fresh flavours that leave you wanting more. For those busy nights when I do not know what to cook, this is my new go-to.

This recipe is quite adaptable and you can add any ingredients you like. Make sure you do not skip on adding some pasta water at the end to give the tomato-feta mix a saucy consistency.

From the four recipes that we tried, I can honestly say that it was a 50-50 split in the good and the bad. TikTok can be home to some pretty creative ideas, but not all are what they seem. I hope that you try one or two of these dishes for yourself, even if just for the fun of it! We tested them so you do not have to, but now you know what is worth it, and what should stay in the confines of your smartphone.

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