Why You Need To Keep Reminding Yourself That: You Are Enough

you are enough

The last I checked, my self-esteem was nowhere to be found. This was the case three months back – I struggled with my identity and life goals, and staying at home wasn’t helping me either. I think this happens to the best of us – we find ourselves…. lost. Do you worry as much as I do? I used to wonder if I was enough – not for the world, but for myself. Isn’t it exhausting? The constant battle we fight day-in and day-out with ourselves? More often than not, we are always self-doubting and second guessing ourselves and by means of which, self sabotaging our world. But who will love us better than ourselves? I know we are what we eat, but did you know we are also what we tell ourselves?

Learning to Love Yourself

I learnt that nobody could love me better than myself or instil a new sense of confidence within me. That is why I now say and write affirmations right before I get on with my day. I am now rediscovering myself as a reminder that I am worthy of everything this world offers and I am enough. You are enough. Affirming my love for myself and my capabilities has reinvented the lifestyle I have been living. It has shaped the power of my mind and let me reassure you that there is power in what we say to ourselves and to this world. I always used to read that “no one can break us until you hand them the power to,” and I didn’t take this adage very seriously.

What others think about you or say about you is not your business. In fact, their opinions do not factor at all. However, what you tell yourself when you wake up in the morning before your feet touch the ground is what matters. Today, I look myself in the mirror and see power, and I am discovering moments and ideas to tell myself that I am enough.

Not Good Enough?

Did you know when we don’t feel good enough with how we are and what we are doing, we start doubting everything around us, especially our purpose. Self-doubt can be a crushing experience. It slowly kills our will to keep growing and doing better. That is when we need to remind ourselves that we are doing FINE – yes, in capitals! I have lost counts of how many times a day, I felt useless or told myself that i wasn’t enough or whatever I was doing in life was worthless. We don’t give ourselves enough credits. We went through an unprecedented life altering event, and we are still going through it, but we are making the best of the circumstances.

Even when businesses are struggling to keep up, even when the market seems dodgy and changes every second of the day, we are constantly evolving and focusing on the right direction, which is to move forward. The key here is to look at the bigger picture and be glad that we made it out just in time – being enough for ourselves and those around us.

I am more than…

Additionally, I think we also need to tell ourselves that we are more than our career. Before running a company, I am myself, a mother, a wife. I play so many roles during the day- I am also my best friend’s confidant, my father’s pride. Measuring our self worth according to the work we do can run havoc in personal and professional lives. So you have to look close in the mirror, and while telling yourself that you are enough, you also need to tell yourself that you are more than what we do for a living. And let’s throw all that judgement out of the window for ourselves and those around us.

After-all, all of us here are trying to make the best of our circumstances, so let’s not have our privileges doing the talking. I am thankful for myself and how I never allow my profession to define me. I have a healthy balance, but I did have to struggle with it, which was my slippery slope.

Nevertheless, through a defiant need to stand for me, I found my confidence and my will to see myself for who I am. I have also learnt to celebrate others without dampening my achievements. I have also learnt to celebrate my successes. The journey to self-love is two steps forward, but five steps backwards. It is a muddy ground to be, but the journey is worthwhile!


What I can tell you is that you shouldn’t go seeking validation from others; it will always leave you wanting for more. Instead, find it within. Learn to love, forgive, forget yourself.

I have found myself, have you?

Love & Blessings,


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