Types of Crystals

Crystals are not just beautiful to look at but they also have energy powers that can help you. There are a number of different kinds of crystals, from colour to design to what energy powers they give out. They also make really great styling props to add a pop of colour and texture to a space. They help by providing different energy sources to remove any negative energies and in turn help boost mentally and physically. Today I am going to share with you ten of my favourite crystals and what they do.


This crystal helps with balancing hormones and forgiveness. Topaz can be found as a clear yellow or blue form. When working with this crystal it can leave you feeling balanced and creates an adventurous path for you to go on.


One of the most popular crystals that you have probably seen around. This crystal helps with physical alignments and emotional issues. It’s great to have in your living room or in your study. The amethyst is mostly found in a light purple form.

Rose Quartz

Another one of the most popular crystals out there. The Rose Quartz is all about the heart, it stimulates love, caring, friendship and compassion. A beautiful light pink crystal that’s great to have on or around you at all times. To help with creating positive energies around you.


A beautiful crystal that encourages growth, spiritual expression, opens up your intuition and awareness. Great to wear as a necklace to help with your throat chakra.

Lapis Lazuli

Deep blue crystal that is known for its migraine remedies. It also helps by supporting the immune system. The lapis is great to keep beside your bed or as jewellery to help support your immune system.


The darkest crystal, known for its deep black form. Not the greatest to look at but it makes up from its benefits. The onyx cleanses the air and rids your home of any negative energies. Perfect to have in any room of your house.

Smoky Quartz

The most drawn to crystal to remove any negative energies. It assists with drawing unwanted negative energy a person or a place. Perfect to wear in a necklace and to have with you at all times as you never know when you might need it.

Tigers Eye

Mostly known for its unique design, the tiger lines that are found on this crystal, hence the name. It promotes abundance, increases self-esteem, confidence enhancer and helps you with grounding. A great all-round crystal to have around you at all times in jewellery or in any room of your house.


A beautiful crystal that helps with blessings, leadership and generosity. Perfect for the CEO’s and boss babes out there as it increases your confidence to step into your leadership role. A must have in your office space to bring in that energy.


This crystal has a beautiful green colouring that is not only eye catching but has great qualities. It’s an energising stone that provides harmony and renewal. Makes for a great jewellery accessory to have with you during your day.

There are many ways that you can connect with your crystals, each crystal has a different way to connect with them. Some holding in direct sunlight, others with the moon it depends on where each crystal gets its energy from. Having them around your home, you will be able to connect with them and take on their energies. They also make really great statement jewellery pieces.

There are a lot of crystals out there and it can get quite overwhelming. But a great piece of advice I will leave you with is when selecting your crystals go with ones that draw you in. Follow the energy that pulls you towards it. Don’t always go towards the prettiest one, which I know is hard but sometimes it’s not the best choice for us. Follow your intuition and you will be drawn to the right crystal for you. Do not look at the descriptions first, leave this until the end. Trust the pull towards them and know that it’s the one for you that you need in that moment. There is so much to learn about crystals but don’t be overwhelming thinking that you need to be an expert. Start off with one crystal then another and your collection will grow as you do.

Love & blessings


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