Top Trends Coming into Spring 2020

We have sprung into spring and now it is time for a little wardrobe update to keep up with the new top trends coming for the new season. I have done some investigating into what is coming for the spring season this year and how every one of us can be looking our best as the warmer weather sets in.

Disco Collar

The first look that I have noticed has made a comeback to the runways this spring is the disco collar. Back from the 70s inspired disco attire, the disco collar features exaggerated points on either side. I love the look which has now been modernised by being added to jackets, coats, and button-downs. There is often a contrasting colour for the collar as opposed to the garment so this, in my opinion, creates a great combination in the same piece. One brand that is sporting such a trend is Gucci.


Another blast from the past which is back this spring is crochet. I have seen anything from feminine dresses to tailored suits and even evening wear. There is nothing crochet can not make and this has been proven time and time again on the runway. I especially love the swimsuits made from crochet, but for spring I would certainly opt for a crochet midi dress or cardigan to go along with it.

Hot Pants

Hot pants never left in my opinion, but they are breaking onto the runway for spring this year yet again and I could not be happier! Pairing these ultra-short shorts with long sleeves or a jacket and a top is the perfect spring outfit this season and I think that hot pants are here to stay. Luckily for all of us, they are gracing the stores in large numbers this year and so I have plenty to choose from and can stock up for years to come. There is a range of colours and styles to suit any figure and any outfit so the possibilities with this item are utterly endless!

Fluro Fashion

It seems that 2020 is the year that I have found fashions are coming back from a range of decades, and this theme continues with the fluoro colour scheme of the 80s and early 2000s. Whether it is pink, green, orange, or blue, fluoro colours are coming back in waves and I have found many different pieces at both department stores and through well-known designers such as Tom Ford and Valentino. They pair wonderfully with white, black, and tan colours so you can match any neutral with these vibrant shades,

Classic Suit

For an excellent twist on the classic suit, I have seen Bermuda shorts time and time again this spring season from a range of designers. They are perfect for the spring weather as it starts to heat up and can be dressed up or down with a suit jacket or a casual top. They follow on from the bike short trend, but in a classier, more modern style in my opinion.

Bra Top

The bra top is back again ladies! It is notoriously revealing, but I find when paired with a suit jacket or overcoat it can be quite a classy addition to any wardrobe. I have also found that slacks, jeans, and long pleated trousers look great with this barely-there piece.

Tiered Dresses

Finally, tiered fashion is gracing our runways once again. Tiered dresses look great on all body types, even women with accentuated curves like myself. This is the formal wear of the season and is a great addition o your collection of formal dresses, as opposed to the tule fashion of 2019. I love the flowing nature of this dress style and it acts to hide what we don’t want others to see while showing off our best features!

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