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Top 8 Tips to Keep Your Life Organised

With all the curve balls that life throws at us, it can be easy to let ourselves fall into a state of disarray. I, like many others, have struggled from time to time to stay on top of everyday tasks as well as my work life. But through these trying times, I have developed some great tips to take on board to keep your life organised and stay productive, no matter what comes your way! With the below tips you can enjoy a stress-free and productive existence.

#1- An easy to follow to-do list

My first tip is to take time each morning to write down what you wish to accomplish and order them by importance. I make sure that the most important tasks stay on top and, whether I get them done first or last, I ensure they are ticked off that day. While there are many phone apps that you may wish to utilise, I find that putting pen to paper and writing out what I want to achieve is a great way to start each day.

#2- Never underestimate the recycling bin

I find that taking the time to organise unnecessary items is a waste of time and energy. If something is not important, or I can live without it, then I throw it away. This also helps to keep my space clean and tidy while building a sense of control.

#3- Find a place for everything

Once I have rid myself of the unnecessary it is time to find a place for everything I have left. Having a tidy workspace and home helps to make me more productive. The things I use often are kept in a place where they are easy to get to while things that are used less are stored away.

#4- Simplify your life

You may think you need a lot of items that you don’t. I live by the rule that if I have not used it in the last year, or do not plan to use it soon, I throw it away! This helps to organise what I do need and have a place for everything. There is no need to clutter my space with things that will not be used.

#5- Clean your space now!

This is not something that should be put on the back burner. Once your space is clean you will find solace in the tidiness and be ale to become more productive. If I find that my workspace or home is getting out of control it is important to me to drop what I am doing and get everything back in order. It is much harder I find to work when I have cleaning on my mind.

#6- Welcome change

I know that things do not always stay the same. Things that were once important to me may eventually become obsolete. This is why I always reanalyse the important things in my life as when life changes so do our needs and priorities.

#7- Minimise

Having less stuff is the key to creating an organised and tidy space. I find that, like with rule #4, living a minimalist lifestyle can help to also minimise the time I spend organising. In a materialistic society like ours, it is easy to end up with mountains of items we do not use. So I ensure that everything that I have not only has a place but is also necessary.

#8- Control your life

Whether I use electronics or paper, I make my organisational tools work for me. This means that if I need to I will turn off certain applications to avoid distractions when I am working on something specific. Do I need to check my emails every 5 minutes? No, this is just a distraction. Checking a few times a day when I have the chance to respond and have delegated some time to do so is a great way to stay in control of my productivity daily.

Using the tips above I find that I can easily keep my life organised and in check. Sometimes it is not all about completing tasks promptly, but ensuring that my space is clean and I can empty my mind of any other task at hand. In this way, I can make the most of my time and ensure that everything gets done with limited procrastination and maximum effort.

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