Top 7 Tips to Revamp your Office Space

Tips to Revamp your Office Space

As we are all slowly returning to work, or continuing to work from home if you’re lucky enough, you may find that your space has lost its appeal. Not only do we want to work every day in a comfortable, visually inviting space, but also one that will encourage us to be more productive. There are several ways that you can spice up your office and make it a place you enjoy living in for hours at a time during the workweek. Below I have listed my top 7 tips to achieve the perfect office, one which will have you enjoying work life a whole lot more!


  1. Incorporate indoor plants

It has been found that introducing indoor plants to your office space has an overwhelmingly positive effect on most of us. Indoor plants have been known to decrease feelings of depression and anxiety. Plus, it is like having your little oasis! I love my Swiss Cheese plant, or Monstera adansonii to be more specific. It is a common houseplant that is robust and pretty hard to kill, which makes it perfect for the office environment. One or two indoor plants can have a great impact on work and mood within the office, and they add to the décor too.


  1. Get creative with your wallpaper

The walls of the office can have a great effect on those who work within them. I have recently redecorated and I decided on a fun and vibrant pattern for the office to help heighten my mood and make the room more inviting. The right wallpaper can even increase productivity.


  1. Let the light in

One of the biggest problems with most office spaces is that there is just not enough light coming in from outside. Vitamin D is very important for our mood and sitting in a dark space for hours on end will have anyone down in the dumps. Natural light can help us to feel relaxed and clear our minds. If there are not enough windows to brighten the place up then LED or CFL lighting can also help!


  1. Pay attention to the details

Making sure that the space is not too cluttered can have a great impact on the workability of your office. A cluttered space mirrors a cluttered mind, so clear out anything that you do not need, or is taking up too much space. I made sure to minimise significantly the number of decorations and bric-a-brac that was flooding the small office. Now I feel so much more relaxed in the space and it has helped me to be more focused.


  1. Make it welcoming

This is especially important if you have clients coming to your space. The immediate feel needs to be welcoming in both the look and feel. Think about how people would feel entering your office space for the first time. Soft colours for the walls and upholstery can help to create this feeling within your space. This does not mean that you have to sacrifice colour, but softer tones should be the foundation for your new office décor. Colours are of course important and pop of colour here and there are essential to keep it from becoming too drab and clinical. There is a delicate balance, but you are sure to find it if you start with a softer base and work from there up! Although I decided on funky wallpaper, my carpet and furniture balance out the room with a pastel colour palette.


  1. Update your inspirations

Inspirations around the office are a must. Whether it is a funny, cute motivating poster on the wall or a vision board in the corner, it is something that keeps us going through the day. It can also help us to look to the future and where our work is taking us. Or maybe it is a dream of something you are saving for, a new car, a holiday, a vacation home. Whatever your inspiration at work, make sure that it is in full view. This will help you to work towards tomorrow and not drag your feet on the menial tasks of today. I like to update my vision board weekly so that it accurately reflects what I want in the future. It is also pretty satisfying to take things off once you have achieved them!


  1. A standing desk has its benefits

Sitting all day can impact our mental and physical health. Once I switched to a standing desk, I found that I was feeling better inside and out! It helps to burn calories while you work and keeps the blood flowing around your body. Making sure you have the right height desk for you is essential as it will help to even improve your posture. An adjustable desk is ideal if you are unsure how you will fair with a standing desk initially. That way you can see how you do during the first day and see if you feel any difference. I used to find that working over a regular desk gave me terrible back pain by the end of the day due to being hunched for hours on end. A standing desk has put those days behind me and I must say that I am much happier for it!

Now that you have the tools it is time to put them to work! Studies have found that those of us who love the place where they work, our offices for most, are exponentially more productive in a shorter space than those who do not. That balance minimises distractions and has us focused for longer periods. Personally, once I completed an office overhaul, I found that I was able to finish my daily tasks much earlier than I ever had before. I can honestly say that it is 90% attributed to the change in my surroundings. So why not give it a try? There is no downside to spicing up your office space. The only risk is that you will end up being happier and more focused during the workday. That can never be a bad thing!

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