Top 10 Underrated Influencers with Amazing Style

Narrowing down the Instagram and TikTok accounts that have changed my perspective on style is one of the most difficult tasks I’ve ever had to do. More and more, it feels like bloggers and influencers are inspiring our outfit choices every day.  That said, it’s easy to scroll endlessly for inspiration and fall short of what you’re really looking for – whether it’s style ideas or pieces to purchase.

From size-inclusive fashion influencers to social activists with style, designers of everything from lingerie to shoes, anything-but-your standard influencers. The internet is more saturated than ever, and I want to break it down for you.

That’s why I’ve scoured the internet far and wide to round up a list of my favourite fashion influences, who stand out from the online pack thanks to their impeccable style sense, creativity, and individuality. For the best fashion advice out there, allow yourself, like I have, to be influenced by the outfit posts of these style trendsetters.


1 Tanesha Awasthi

Plus-size fashion and beauty blogger Tanesha Awasthi shares her fabulous outfit inspirations, style advice, and make up tutorials. As a little girl, Tanesha dreamed of being a designer or a stylist, and she channels her love of fashion into the charming outfits she styles and posts on her social channels. With a modern, sophisticated and lady like sensibility that blends Audrey Hepburn and Olivia Palermo (with a hint of an occasional edge), Tanesha builds many of her looks starting with her favourite closet staples, a great pair of dark wash jeans, a tailored blazer, and classic pointy toe pump.


2 Yolande Macon

Yolande Macon always debuts an exciting look on her page. Whether she’s walking down a sunny street in a casual outfit or gracing my feed in a stunning gown, Macon can pull of any look. She regularly showcases patterned, and coloured designs that pop in every setting.


3 Sissy Chacon

If I could have dinner with any fashion icon, I would want one of them to be Sissy Chacon. Her neutral colour palettes and minimalistic aesthetic has always spoken dearly to me. So much so that her outfits have always held a permanent spot on my fashion mood board!


4 Shereen Mohammad

It’s hard to not become immediately infatuated by Shereen Mohammad after following her. She has a passion for designing, and her affinity for fashion also radiates through her outfit choices. I personally love her minimalistic looks, 90’s revivals and everything suit related as they bring out an elegance I could only dream of accomplishing myself. The neutral colour scheme and chic patterns make her style stand out the most for me.


5 Chriselle Lim

This Los Angeles-based wardrobe stylist and YouTube vlogger Chriselle Lim is the fashionable force behind “The Chriselle Factor,” a fashion blog that provides insight into her personal fashion sense. On her blog and social media pages, Chriselle shares photos of drool-worthy outfits she wears on her voyages such as Fashion Week in Paris and New York City, among other stylish points of travel. Informed by a fashion sense that’s super feminine and completely trend-obsessed, this influencer is must for anyone looking for up-to-the-moment fashion inspiration.


6 Janice Glimmer

If you’re pop culture obsessed like I am, you’ll appreciate the style of Janice Glimmer. This TikTok influencer draws outfit inspiration from popular shows, icons, and fictional characters. She’s created outfits based on Disney princesses, popular Netflix shows like Bridgerton and The Queen’s Gambit, music by the Beatles, Queen and Stevie Nicks – she also gets her mum involved in her style videos. I love her fun and quirky takes on iconic looks.


7 Christine Le

When it comes to fashion, this Christine Le likes to mix it up. Overall, her day-to-day style is pretty lax with a sporty aesthetic which is great for someone looking for a more casual style. But don’t get it twisted: she can glow up with the best of them!


8 Nicole Stephens

Nicole Stephens is a pro at nailing specific aesthetics and is definitely inspiring if you’re looking to trade in your everyday basics for eye-catching, colourful, and creative pieces. Her videos are basically digital fashion shows, and while being only 19, she can nail every style from ‘60s fashion to the early ‘00s, making a convincing case for the revival of some questionable trends.


9 Valeria Lipovetsky

Valeria Lipovestsky makes a variety of videos in different categories including fitness routines or morning beauty routines. However, what stands out to me is her fashion hauls and styling ideas which are absolutely worth the watch. Her classy and sophisticated style is what really draws me to her. It’s fascinating to see this mum-of-three create fashion-forward outfits from her husband’s shirts and reveal no-sew tailoring tricks to try if your bottoms are too big.


10 Kristina Zias

Kristina Zias makes an impression with her encouragement to “be your own hype girl” with her favourite accessories being a positive attitude and self-confidence. That being said, Kristina’s style is flirty, fun, and complimentary to her curves. She doesn’t believe in fashion rules so you can watch in amazement as she breaks them flawlessly.



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