Threading, Waxing, Laser – What’s More Effective?

Threading, Waxing, Laser

We all want a flawless skin and one of the most concern of many of us are unwanted hair especially on the face. There are lots of hair removal methods available that are simple and don’t cost much, so looking for the right method is quite challenging. Here are my the three most common methods used to remove that unwanted hair and see for yourself which one is more effective for you.


How do Threading works? 

It is a simple and quick technique of hair removal that uses a thin cotton or polyester thread but I would recommend using a 100% cotton thread, doubles it, and twists it. By moving the hands, the threads grab unwanted hairs in between the openings and pull them free including the roots of the hair. Just an important reminder that threading hair is only applicable on eyebrows or face and is not recommended to use on the arm, leg, and bikini area because the hair in these areas tends to be a bit thicker and harder to pull.

Here is the proper way to do threading at home in case you also want to give it a try.

  1. Make sure that your skin is clean. If you are doing eyebrow threading make sure to shape your eyebrow and sweep it upward before you proceed with the method.
  2. Use thread with a length of your forearm or even longer just see what works best for you. You use a regular thread that you used in sewing at your home but I would recommend using 100% cotton thread.
  3. Tie the ends of the thread into a knot for you to create a loop. Hold the ends of the circle with your thumbs and forefingers (one hand on each side), to form a rectangle.
  4. Twist one hand (best to use your dominant hand) clockwise to create an X and continue to twist about 8-10 times to make tiny twists in the middle of the thread loop. These twists will snatch your hair and remove it from the root.
  5. Use your index finger and thumb to hold the thread. Place the thread on the surface of the skin to start removing hair follicles.
  6. Open the fingers of your dominant hand. As you expand your hand, the other side will close by doing it in a see-saw motion to remove the hair. Make sure you’re removing the hair in the opposite direction of the way it grows.
  7. Then, without the thread on the surface of your skin, expand the fingers on the other side to bring the twists back to the middle.
  8. Repeat steps as needed and apply aloe vera lotion, extract or natural pulp to skin after threading to ease the pain.



So far threading is the most hygienic method to remove unwanted facial hair. There are no chemicals being used that may cause damage on the skin and are completely safe for any skin type even sensitive or dry skin plus it is cheaper than any other hair removal method.


This method of threading to remove hair is quite painful and it leaves redness on your skin just for an hour or two.

It may be painful on your first try so better if you start little to see how it works for you. But if you will get used to it, the less pain you can feel, then you will be found with this method especially if you don’t want to let your skin be exposed to chemicals and laser treatments. This method will last usually for 2-3 weeks.


How does Waxing Works?

 Waxing is another way of removing hair from the root by using a sticky substance to apply and pull out the hair from the follicle. There are many types of wax such as strip waxing, hot waxing and cold waxing. It is applicable to use this method for your entire body that you wish to remove some unwanted hairs but it is still important to consult a professional especially if you want to try waxing delicate areas.


It will save you time compared to other methods. Also, best to remove thick hair and prevent quick hair growth.


Because its method is pulling the hair it may be painful and cause skin redness after waxing. Regular pulling may also result in loose skin.

One thing to remember also is that if you want to give it a try, hair must be 3-5 mm long as it will be difficult to pull out and get a smooth finish if the hair is short. Waxing may last up to 6 weeks. 


How does Laser treatment work?

Laser is a cosmetic treatment to remove hair, it emits light that the pigment in hair could melanin absorbed. This light energy in laser treatments damages the hair follicles that produce hair to hold back future hair growth.


It enables a permanent hair reduction without a chance of in-growth and it won’t leave scars or cause infection.


It is expensive and may not be applicable to people with hormonal imbalances. Can be less effective on light hair, the procedure may also be painful and has the risk of burns if have you have dark or toned skin.

Each of us may have a different preference in choosing the right method in removing that unwanted hair. These methods may help you decide which one you prefer suits you best, just remember that every method should be done in the right way to achieve successful results.

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