The Best Free Invoicing and Bookkeeping Apps to Use in 2021

Best Free Invoicing and Bookkeeping Apps

We all know that keeping track of invoicing and any accounting can be a mathematical nightmare. As your business grows you will find that getting your finances under control becomes more difficult. But it does not have to be that way! Technology has come a long way and now there is an app for everything. That includes all of your bookkeeping needs. To find a good place to start, we have compiled a list of our top 5 invoicing and bookkeeping apps for 2021 to make your life and business a whole lot easier!

  1. Quickbooks Online

Quickbooks has both a website and app so that you can use it anywhere you are, even if you are on the go! It is one of the best bookkeeping apps that we have found and it has almost everything you need to run your business smoothly. It has all the basics, like tracking your revenue, expenses, reconciling accounts and even preparing financial statements. It can be connected directly to your bank accounts, credit cards, and other accounts to make manual bookkeeping a thing of the past!

It is the best app for reporting, as it has 50 pre-built reports to run and can be emailed directly to where they need to go. They can be scheduled too for periodic updates for the whole team.

It does only have a 30-day free trial, but the subscription prices are reasonable and this is certainly enough time to find out whether you would like to continue with the service. Packages start from just $11 per month, so it is quite affordable although you will have the first month to decide.

Whether you are just starting or building your business, Quickbooks Online is useful and makes your life easier, which is the main purpose of apps nowadays, right?


  1. Wave 

Wave is a free bookkeeping app at the entry-level tier, and it does everything you need to keep your business finances under control. The free accounts do have many helpful features to get the ball rolling. You can sync an unlimited amount of banking and credit card accounts in the free version, this can be used to track your expenses.

With the large collection of professional invoice templates, you can develop invoices for your clients and customers. You can keep a record of all of your receipts by simply taking a photo. This feature is even available when you are offline.

One of the disadvantages of this app is that it is not targeted at Australian businesses, so it does lack the ability to integrate BAS and other important taxation details.

You will need to upgrade if you wish to use the payroll or online payment options, but it is a good starting point! It is a pay-per-use plan, so there is not a monthly subscription fee, but the paid version simply charges every time you use it.


  1. Free Accounting Software

This software and app do provide the necessary feature to complete Australian taxation requirements, such as BAS details. It has BAS integration and sends your forms directly to the Australian Taxation Office. If this is a big selling point for your business then this could be the app for you! It is one of the better features of this free app, so it is a great addition to another free or paid app and software. We recommend using it in conjunction with another that has additional features, but Free Accounting Software does have some beneficial bits and pieces to make your life easier.

You will be able to upload invoices, but not generate them like some of the other apps we have outlined. It is perfect when just starting.


  1. Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice is one of the few invoicing apps that offer a free option. It is worth trying if you would like a succinct and localised place to organise and send out your invoices. It is easy to use and also quick to set up for all your invoicing needs. It is a great option for invoicing on the go!

The free plan offers invoicing for five clients, so if you have a relatively small business or five major clients with many invoices, this could be a great option to keep costs at a minimum. It is available on all mobile devices, but the mobile app does not have all the features of the desktop version. It is both accessible and affordable for small businesses which is a huge plus!


  1. Invoicely

Again, Invoicely offers a free plan for a maximum of five clients. For both this and Zoho Invoice, you can test the waters with a small client base before committing to buy the subscription. The difference with this app is that it accepts credit card payments through methods such as Paypal and Stripe. It tracks time, expenses, and even your mileage all in one convenient place!

It is a cost-effective option, but it does lack some very helpful features which are available through the paid version. Nevertheless, it is great to try and see if the platform suits your needs before you buy.

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