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The Benefits of Working From Home

In this day and age we never thought that we would be in the midst of a pandemic. But as we try and develop strategies to overcome such an unexpected turn most of us have been sent home, working from the comfort of our house and learning how to cope with the vast difference in our work environment. However, there are many benefits to working from home and ways in which we can become more productive when our work life has been changed for the time being.

Increase flexibility

Firstly, there is the unmistakable benefit of increase flexibility and a much better work-life balance. We can dictate our own schedule that may be better suited to your lifestyle. It is much more enjoyable to dictate your own breaks when they are most beneficial to you, for example picking up the children for school or taking your dog for a much needed walk to get out in the fresh air.

There are endless possibilities and this can prove to yield a greater productivity rate than if you were stuck at your 9 to 5 job. This is just one of many benefits that we have seen since the shift towards working from home.

Comfortable workspace

Your own comfortable work space. In many office settings we find that we are limited in what we can and can not have on our desks. When you are working from home you have the time to create a comfortable and more organised workspace that will help to increase productivity.

This is essential as you will probably spend slightly less time working and more time with your family and doing chores you never got the chance to complete on a normal work day.

Less Commuting

There will be less commuter stress and more time to spend with your family. You will also spend no time commuting and this will in turn mean that you have more time for your family and other things that you enjoy. This is an overall positive as it reduces the stress of your day, no traffic, no train disruptions, and will allow you that quality time that you have until now been missing out on.

With flexible working arrangements you will certainly see a boost in your productivity, and the productivity of your colleagues. This leads to a feeling of overall improved job satisfaction.

This can be a powerful thing and should not be underestimated. You feel more engaged and motivated while you are in the comfort of your own home and even prior to the pandemic those who had flexible working arrangements listed this as the number one perk of their job. Being happy in your work environment will urge you to do more in a shorter space of time and leave you feeling satisfied. Not to mention your employers satisfaction with your work as well!

There are downfalls too!

Unfortunately there are a few downfalls to working at home too, but the positive far outweigh the negatives. You may find that your bills increase as you are spending more time at home and this will lead to an increase in the use of amenities such as electricity.

It can also sometimes be hard to put work first when you have so many distractions on your plate. But with the governments working from home tax deductions you can easily combat the additional costs of working from home. The work-life balance can be tricky at first because it is all new to you, but with time and a little planning it is an easy hurdle to overcome.

If you take the time to schedule your day, leaving time for what matters in your home life and scheduling in time for the daily tasks of your job, this can be a good way to ensure you are working to the best of your abilities. Following this is much like forming a new habit and once you have mastered your schedule then you will find that you are much more productive than you were at the office.

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