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The Art of Time Blocking for Productivity

When I started working as a company director, I knew I had the talent to match the role, but I was not aware of the ground realities that came with the position. Needless to say, I enjoy my work. I had a dream, and I am living it and making it better. But my work doesn’t end at my desk, it begins at my home. Being a parent and a wife, I know my responsibilities are far greater in the periphery of my house. In fact, I am sure many other entrepreneurs will agree with me – to find the optimal balance between personal and professional will always haunt us.

Some days, I was utterly lost. I wanted to stay home with my children, but I also wanted to take my business to the next heights. However, I never realised where my time and energy were going. While feeling utterly clueless, and to make matters worse, I started missing on my deadlines.

For an 8-hr workday, I wasn’t even productive for an hour or two. My to-do list was unending, and there were infinite meetings, emails, baking, or phone calls that by the end of the day, I was left exhausted.

What is time blocking?

Until recently, I opened my eyes to something that helped me get my life back on track. While watching Elon Musk talk about his latest accomplishment, I came across the unusual idea of Time blocking. And to my amazement, Musk and many other successful entrepreneurs swear by time blocking as their way of dealing with deadlines, ensuring that the day is as productive as they wanted it to be.

Time blocking is a practical way to deal with our 21st-century problems of lack of time. It is a practice to plan every moment of our day in detail, dedicating time “blocks” for every task.

The progression

So now, all my tasks are responsibly charted down. Though it is not as easy to execute, I am learning. For me, time blocking started with my calendar looking like a chaotic mess. Every minute of my day had a timestamp and a task or things I wanted to do, making it harder for me to procrastinate or do other unnecessary tasks to steal my time. Today, it has become a lifestyle for me. The simple reason why time blocking has worked for me is that it has taught me discipline. This strategy is mainly designed to meet the criteria for focus. To be honest, being our own bosses means we need guardrails, even when we are studying or doing any other activity. I learnt that until and unless I gave my brain a task to be performed under strict timelines, it would be distracted, but not anymore. I am now less distracted and more productive, so it is a win-win for me.

By organising every minute of my day, I have not only guarded myself against distractions but also multiplied my focus to many folds. Today, my home is better managed, and my business is flourishing. Time blocking made my life simpler and high yielding.

Any downsides?

However, I understand that everything has its setbacks. It is tasking to jot down every minute of my day. Sometimes, especially when I am feeling under the weather, I have to push myself to align my calendar. It also gets tricky when I get sudden requests, and I have to adapt to the changes or the requirements of the clients. And to be honest, in the beginning, I was terrible at estimating how much time a task should take. I have always been over-optimistic, but then it takes time to build a habit. As I am learning the pros and cons of time blocking, I am allowing myself to jive to the new age demands. At least, my streak for adventure is still alive, and I get to take care of my personal priorities while ensuring I am meeting my professional goals.

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