Skinceuticals Showcase- Best Products for Anti-Ageing

I heard about Skinceuticals a while ago, when I realised my skin was not looking as young as it once did. We hit a certain age and all of a sudden those fine lines and wrinkles are not so fine anymore. I looked in the mirror one morning and thought, ‘where did the years go?’. But it does not have to be this way! I have been testing product after product since to see what works and what doesn’t, and ladies I have narrowed the list down for you!

We see on television, Facebook ads, and even via email so many claims with anti-ageing products. They often catch my eye as I am scrolling through social media. ‘Reduce fine lines and wrinkles‘, ‘stop the seven signs of ageing‘, ‘for younger-looking skin…‘, and the list goes on.

But you know as well as I do that not every band does what it says it will do! They make these claims only for us to find weeks later that it was just a marketing ploy. But, lucky for you, I have done the hard yards and have finally found a brand that I trust! Skinceuticals stands a cut above the rest. Their brand is backed by science, and their claims are real!

They aim to improve skin well-being and have formulated their products through decades of research to ensure that they actually do the job that they set out to do. Below I have compiled a list of products that assist with anti-ageing and the skin issues that come with ageing skin.

You should look no further than this tried and tested brand and see the difference that it can make to your skin, no matter your complexion or skin type. There is a product in their range for you, and I can honestly say that they work!

 #1- Skinceuticals CE Ferulic

CE Ferulic is one of my favourite products in the range, and it has so many uses! It is a Vitamin C formulated with 15% L-ascorbic acid combined with the powerful antioxidant benefits and Vitamin E and ferulic acid. This creates a barrier on your skin and protects it from environmental damage and the visible signs of ageing.

Vitamin C plays many important roles in skincare, judging from the results of a recent, independent study. It is not only beneficial to your skin health but can also act to fight the signs of ageing, and Skinceuticals have harnessed this power in their CE Ferulic formulation.

Rejuvenates the skin with a brightening serum and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, giving a firmer, fresher, younger complexion. What is not to love? It can be used on dry, normal, and sensitive skin and is great for anyone who experiences discolouration, dehydration, and of course the signs of ageing skin.

#2- Skinceuticals Redness Neutraliser

I have found that as I have aged my skin has developed signs of rosacea and redness when I least expect it. That is why I was so happy to come across this Redness Neutraliser, a soothing, gel cream that helps to fights the signs of redness and rosacea in the skin. It can be applied anywhere and is best suited for sensitive skin, and if you are experiencing redness in any form then this is right up your alley!

It combats the environmental triggers for redness and lasts! I can not express how much this has helped me and I hope that it can do the same for you too. I know how redness can affect your mental state, along with many other skin conditions and I have found that this is the best product to eliminate it for good.

Studies have found that many cosmetics can cause redness, along with environmental factors. Once I changed brands to Skinceuticals, and started using it in combination with this specific product I saw an instant decrease in redness and it has worked for me on so many levels.

#3- Skinceuticals A.G.E Eye Complex

I find that most of my wrinkles start around my eyes, so it a great idea to concentrate on this area when looking for anti-ageing skincare. The A.G.E Eye complex works to reduce puffiness, dark circles, as well as fighting the appearance of crow’s feet and other fine lines and wrinkles.

You may be sceptical if you have used eye creams before as I have found like many of you that they often do not work how they say they will. But a study found that eye creams can be quite beneficial for creating smoothness around the eyes as we get older, it is all about finding the right one, and this is it!

It is best suited for those of us with normal and dry skin types and is specifically designed for ageing skin.

#4- Skinceuticals A.G.E Interrupter

To kick those wrinkles once and for all, I have found the A.G.E Interrupter is the best cream that you can find on the market! It is a high-concentration anti-wrinkle cream that has been formulated to vastly improve the visible signs of ageing which are caused by advanced glycation end-products, or A.G.E.

It is suited to normal, dry, and sensitive skin and once again is specifically designed for ageing skin to fight those pesky lines and wrinkles that just keep on popping up.

#5- Skinceuticals Advanced Pigment Corrector

Pigmentation differs as we get older. I have found that my skin tone is much more uneven than it once was. That is when I stumbled across the Advanced Pigment Corrector, and it works for me. It is a daily, multi-action, lightweight lotion that aims to reduce the appearance of stubborn skin discolouration. It vastly improves your skin tone and evens out that uneven colour that can arise.

This is perfect for normal, oily, combination, dry, and sensitive skin types. This means that virtually anyone can reap the benefits! It is designed for both ageing skin and discoloured complexions.

#6- Skinceuticals Antioxidant Lip Repair

Dry and damaged lips are not specific to ageing skin, but it is yet another issue that I have encountered as I have gotten older. The Antioxidant Lip Repair is made from two powerful antioxidants, Vitamin E and silymarin, which form a unique therapy for your lips!

I often find that this is best used during the summer and winter months when our lips are exposed to more drastic weather conditions, extreme heat, and extreme cold. It is perfect for all skin types and all skin conditions.

#7- Neck, Chest, and Hand Repair

Although most anti-ageing products focus on the face, this is not the only place where the skin suffers from the signs of ageing. You will find that discoloration, sun damage, and wrinkles are not just limited to the face. The Neck, Chest, and Hand Repair is a brightening and redensifying treatment for photodamgaed skin and it truly works wonders. It can be used on any skin type and is perfect for both ageing and discoloured skin.

#8- Emollience

This is by far one of my favourite products from Skinceuticals. Emollience is an exclusive product which is one of the best face moisturisers I have even had the pleasure of using! It nourished and maintains your daily hydration levels in the skin, and is great for normal to dry skin types, and even if you have sensitive skin too!

If you find that your skin can become dry during the day, a problem I have lived with for years no matter what product I tried, then this is the answer! It combines an exclusive cocktail of algae extracts and plant oils that deliver a rich and lightweight moisturiser to the skin. This formula is best applied once or twice daily for the best results!

#9- Epidermal Repair

Epidermal Repair is a product that is not specific to ageing skin but also helps those with dry and sensitive skin too. I have found that it is great at repairing skin damage and I love the feel of my skin after I use it. The therapeutic treatment protects and improves compromised skin with its combination of scientifically proven ingredients. It is perfect for dry, normal, and sensitive skin types.

#10- Blemish + Age Defense

Acne is not just found in teenagers. I have suffered from acne my entire life and this product is perfect for me as I get older. It is an oil-free face serum which reduces adult acne while also improving the visible signs of ageing in my skin. Who said you can not have it all?

This product is best used for people with oily or combination skin types.

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