My Top 8 Vegan Skincare Brands

In recent years it has come to light that more and more people are looking into environmentally viable skincare in the form of vegan brands, animal product free. I am one of many it seems, and one of the draws of vegan skincare for me is the awareness of what my beauty products are made of, I always opt for vegan or cruelty-free when shopping for new skincare.

From AHRIA Organics to Sukin, there is a range of companies out there that have adopted a vegan-friendly approach and your skin will thank you for it! I find that these more natural alternatives leave my skin in the best condition and without the nasty chemicals and animal products still counteract any skin problem that I face in my day to day life. Below are my top eight picks for vegan skincare!

#1- AHRIA Organics

AHRIA Organics is one of my favourite skincare brands as it caters to every skin type and every complexion. They are different because they provide natural skincare products without the hidden chemicals that are found in many of the competing brands.

This means that I can use their products guilt-free, knowing that I am getting the best product for my skin. Their brand caters to everyone, from babies nappy rash to dry or oily skin in adults. I can not recommend them enough if you are looking for a daily product to keep your skin in its best shape!

#2- Isla and Co Skincare

As another Australian brand, and you will find most of the brands I recommend support Australian made products, Isla and Co offer a huge range of skincare, and it is all about balance! They use ethically sourced ingredients and there is a range of packages to choose from that will give you a complete skin routine in one stop! I can not praise their products enough as I have found that they leave my skin feeling soft and rejuvenated every morning.

#3- E.L.F Cosmetics

I have recently found E.L.F Cosmetics, an American based brand that offers high-quality and animal-friendly products to its consumers. It is extremely affordable and has everything that I need in a cosmetics range.

Anything from lipsticks, eyeshadows, and nail polishes can be found with E.L.F and the quality is right up there with the best. They even have a range of synthetically designed brushes so you can round off your entire beauty routine. There is nothing I do not love about E.L.F Cosmetics!

#4- Inika Organic

Inika Organic has been a staple on Australian shelves for quite some time. It can be found at a range of department stores and chemists around the country. Primers, bronzers, foundation, and more can be purchased through Inika. And I am impressed by not only the range but the colour palette for this brand. It is certified organic and made from naturally sourced ingredients. I love supporting national brands and this company is entirely Australian owned and operated.

#5- Cover FX

Cover FX offers vegan foundations in 40 customisable shades so they will suit any complexion. If like me, you search for good coverage then you can find exactly what you are looking for with Cover FX.

#6- Sukin Natural Skincare

Sukin Natural Skincare has been providing both hair and skincare products that are 100% vegan and animal-friendly for years. They also seek to reduce carbon emissions during production. They have a Carbon Neutral certification, using recyclable and BPA free packaging which is made from plant-based PET plastic and amber glass.

#7- Mukti

Another Australian brand, Mukti is focused on the selling of sustainable, ethical, organic skincare. They have a huge selection of vitamin boosters and other skin rejuvenation formulas. I have researched a little into the way their products work and they aim to encourage collagen production and improve your skin’s hydration. When you have dry skin like mine a product like this is a Godsend!

#8- Hummm

As an up and coming Australian skincare brand, Hummm is Australian owned and made in Melbourne. It is a handcrafted skincare line which endeavours to use non-toxic and non-invasive ingredients which makes for a great addition to my skincare routine, having sensitive skin as well as it being dry!

All ingredients are proudly vegan and cruelty-free, so you can shop unapologetically. They combine nature with scientific innovation to get the best results. If you struggle with sensitive skin or any number of skin concerns then this is a brand that should not be overlooked!

These are some of my top picks when looking for vegan skincare and I hope that you can all have the same positive experience if you choose to sample any of the above brands. Don’t take my word for it, try them for yourself!

Love & blessings

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