My Top 5 Work from Home Tips

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If I were to rewind this year, I could have bet that my working from home was going to be a disaster. And I don’t mean to sound ungrateful as I am entirely aware of the situation, and I understand the ground realities of a pandemic. However, I think everyone would agree to the fact that this is not what we envisioned for 2020.

Hence, instead of losing my hopes, I decided to become more conscious of my action in an attempt to make the best of the situation at hand. After all, life is about finding a balance between the good and the bad, isn’t it? This is what Yin and Yang teach us. Further, I have come to realise that the circumstances demand us to become more aware of our surroundings and bring the necessary changes and turn them into actions. Otherwise, how will we get our mojo back?

Given that travelling, as a recreation activity, is out of the window, I have been taking the necessary steps to adjust my lifestyle and working habits to the new normal. These modifications in my attitude are allowing me not only to function better but also to better adapt to the situations.

I am now quicker with my thought process. My productivity has increased, and I am also getting to spend quality time with my family. In fact, my work-life balance is better managed now, and I know you can do it too.

Since the onset of the new normal, I have tried many things – from mediation to different working hours etc. As nothing worked, my stress level was skyrocketing by the day. I believe as an entrepreneur, it doesn’t matter if your business is small or big, everybody faces the repercussions of a falling economy. But small changes made to our lifestyle and attitude can help us sail through anything.

I swear by 5 must-dos when working from home –

1. Set a goal

It is a must that we set a daily goal. But if that seems a lot of work, I suggest setting a monthly objective instead. When we have to work on set outlines, it becomes easier to achieve the target. I blindly trust time blocking for this. It has made my life easier and has allowed me to attain high yielding results.

2. Assign a desk

This is very important. When you want to achieve maximum productivity, it is important where you work from. Right now, my work desk is my favourite spot in my house. I have everything I should or can need in an arm’s length. My work desk is a reminder that with adept technology, we can achieve all our goals.

3. Take breaks

A fundamental and integral process in learning to adapt to new changes is to allow ourselves recovery time. Sitting for long hours on a chair or in front of laptop screens can run havoc for our mental health and physical well being. We must learn to take small breaks to look away from the blue screen, and also find time to stretch our legs. I have been using a lot of productivity tools such as Asana, Grammarly, Health apps, etc., to monitor my activities. I know I get deeply engrossed in work, so these apps become handy to remind me to remember when to pause.

4. Ask for what you need

Working from home cannot be easy for anybody, especially working mothers and single parents. It is essential to communicate and ask for help when we feel we are unable to cope. Staying inside our houses with minimal exposure to the outside world is a blessing in disguise for some but not all. So ask! Ask for what you need from friends and family. Knowing when to seek helps demarcate the extraordinary from the ordinary. And you are not JUST ordinary, are you?

5. Socialise

Is it your son’s birthday? Cannot have a lot of people over? So what? Find time to celebrate everything – from the smallest achievement to the biggest. Make dinner plans with your family. Change dinner settings. Sit outside on the porch and watch the sky change colours. Get an inflatable pool. Learn new hobbies. Talk to your friends – facetime, zoom, google meet.

I know I sound ridiculous, but the times are such. Thankfully, we can learn to maneuver and find the light even in the darkest.

Let me know how the pandemic is treating you. Until next time!

Love & blessings


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