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My Favourite Productivity Tools

Right now, I am waiting for the remainder of today to jump to Monday already! In the last few weeks, I have been extremely productive, which comes as no surprise to me. Earlier, I used to enjoy my weekends more, and loathe when it would end in a blink of an eye. But now, I find comfort in knowing that I have a working day to look forward to. Technology has made everything so easy that sometimes I forget to get out of my comfort zone.

Do you know what they say? Excess of something can never be right. The same technology that provides comfort can also make some of us lethargic and easy-going.

Technology based tools

I have been on the negative side of technology until I learnt how to be smart with it. It really can make your life easy and bring great comfort to your business. I know productivity tools have worked for me very well. Tools like Asana have increased my efficiency by multi-folds. My business is booming now that it is better aligned. These tools have helped me improve my services, responsiveness, and especially my relationships – both personal and professional.

I am not saying these tools are the solution to everything, but the right tools can significantly help run a business smoothly.

Subtasks and chunking

With a business, even the minutest task has a subtask to it. With Asana, I can easily align it to a person and set a deadline. It is that simple! As the deadline approaches, it pops up in my task list. With Asana and many such productivity tools, managing my work is not messy anymore. It is streamlined, and I can simply tick things off my list. Even for several of my projects, the app seamlessly divides the entire process into various phases. It has helped me save so much time. I don’t have to worry about what is coming next; instead, I act.

I also learnt it the hard way not to overdo the projects. That way, business development looks like a tedious process. I now use projects only when I have to. It is a proven fact that it is easier for our brain to process the information when it is divided into smaller things. The technique is called “chunking.” Most of these productivity tools use the same ideology. Anyway, life is more comfortable when we are focusing on one thing that we have to master for that day. And then once that is done, we move to the next.

A digital planner

To add to Asana, I also started using a digital planner recently. It helps me to manage all my to-dos in a manner that is always at my fingertips (thanks to my iPad). The planner was at first is a little tricky to understand, but once I nailed the install manual, I was good to go.

I know that no two weeks are the same. But with the help of technology, I can now better adapt to changes. And when unprecedented changes arise, I can shift my to-do list to figure out the priorities. Bring on Monday!

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