My Everyday Makeup Routine

Till last year I had never thought about it, like so many others. But then, it took over the entire planet, those people, and along with them, me. I took a deep breath and hitched the makeup bandwagon just because of a simple realisation- my body is a temple and deserves the best. Over the last twelve months, I have religiously taken care of it, taken my vitamins, drank my water, worked out and stayed healthy. It has been one of the best decisions of my life.

To this healthy skin care practice, I recently added a strong makeup routine. I think it’s amazing how women from all over the world have come out with their make up skills and created this niche in the industry. Some of my greatest role models are the female empresses of this industry who provide a positive influence in the lives of young and older women alike. I like to think of myself as a beauty enthusiast as well, and in becoming this, I have found some fantastic products which I now swear by, and want to share with you, hoping that maybe you will give them a try.

I have found that a makeup routine not only helps one to look good but in doing so enhances the confidence levels as well. When I am out in my high heels with those perfect cat eyes, I feel like I can take over the world. It truly makes me feel beautiful, on the inside as well as on the outside! But it is not as easily achievable as it sounds. I know how overwhelming all the different makeup tutorials on all the other video platforms can be, which is why I have condensed it into an easily understandable blog post. These simple and useful tips are guaranteed to exalt your make up game. The products I mention are cruelty and chemical-free as well, which is always a plus.

1. Prep your face!

Never jump straight into the routine. Like all good things, makeup requires preparation. Lucky for you, it is effortless! You must always cleanse the face to remove all the residue and oils that are present there. Even something as simple as a good night’s sleep will leave your skin in need of a cleanse, so invest in a good cleanser for your AM routine, and learn to double cleanse for your PM routine.

My personal favourite is the Inky List. It is not so easy to find if you live in Australia but can be bought online very conveniently. It has an unmatchable price, is free of any fragrance and has anti-inflammatory properties. It is very potent in tackling dry and irritated skin and creates an effective velvety texture for the makeup. Squeeze a small amount on your palms and gently massage your face for a minute or two to get clean skin ready to kick start your routine!

2. Moisturise your skin as you mean it!

A moisturiser is crucial to a healthy, breathing skin. I love the Cerva Ve, which is all the rage in the world right now. It’s gentle with the blend of the correct acids. I also love Paula’s choice. For my routine, I use paula’s the skin recovery moisturiser to have smooth, replenished skin. Using a good moisturiser preps your skin for the entire day.

3. Prime it with a Primer

All good things need a solid foundation, and in the next step of my routine, before applying any makeup, I use a primer. For my use, I love what Rihanna has created with her brand Fenty Beauty. Her PRO FILT’R HYDRATING PRIMER is the best primer that I have ever tried hand down, and I thank her every day. Trust me, and once you incorporate it into your makeup routine, you will too!

4. Unsung heroes – Colour correctors

Every pimple, redness and any other “imperfections”, although natural and beautiful, is a menace in the context of makeup. They can make the complexion look flat. This is where a colour corrector does its magic. When used properly, colour correctors help to refine the look for your makeup like a pro. NYX Professional Makeup Color Correcting Concealer is bang on and my current favourite! You won’t regret adding it to your routine.

5. Conceal, don’t tell!

After colour correction, the next thing that I do is find a flesh-toned concealer. It is not easy to find a good one, but something that I have come to love is the MAC Studio Fix 24-Hour Smooth Wear Concealer. It not only hides dark circles but also adds an edge and a finish to my brows. Not to limit you or me, I also like Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer. Both the products are excellent and give a clean finish.

6. Finish it with a strong foundation

No look is complete without a little foundation, and trust me, and it is an essential step that goes a long way. For my final touches, I use the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk, and it has been nothing but kind to my skin. After sifting through so many of them, I finally found the holy grail with this one. It’s light, and it has the best ingredients; it’s the perfect match for my skin.

7. Contour it!

Almost over! All we need now is that final glow, that rosy blush. It can be achieved with a little bronzer and a blush, adding in a bit of highlighter as well. It is not as complicated as it sounds, you’ll realise once you do it.

I use the Dior Colour Games Diorskin Mineral Nude Bronze to contour my face. I find that a good blush such as Daniel Sandler Watercolour Fluid Blusher in Gentle is a perfect metallic finish to get my cheeks to shine.

8. Close it with red

Who hasn’t heard of MAC Ruby Woo? But if you don’t like bright red, let your lips stay nude with Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Pillow Talk or add a little shine with Riri’s Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer. I absolutely Love IT!

So, what do you think about my makeup routine? Try it out, and do leave a comment!

Love & blessings,


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