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Local Travel Ideas For When You’re In A Statewide Lockdown

Aussies don’t wait – we haven’t learned how to sit, but what we have learned is to adapt. The pandemic has left us exploring our country like never before. I was never bothered by the international travel ban – just another excuse to go travelling in my beautiful country. Why do you need to travel internationally when we can travel locally within Australia? (shouts god’s own country)

Amidst a statewide lockdown, the big ticket can wait: my bucket list has been reprioritised to match the current requirements. I want to now see places like Uluru, Sydney Harbour etc like a true patriot. There are many less famous destinations and cities here in Australia that we can go exploring in; of course with the right precautions – mask up ladies and gents!

Did you know that the Great Barrier Reef was the first to be awarded World Heritage status? Off the coast of Cairns, the Great Barrier Reef is a wonderful one day getaway. It was one of the best sites if you are looking for something under the budget or you want to find luxury. You can also go island hopping with your friends, get the backpacks ready!

Before Covid’19, I was committed to holidaying, but everything took an honest backseat. Now that the situation is getting a tad better, I am ready with my suitcase. A silver lining here is that Australia is and will always be the best travel option, so many local travel options. So instead of going international, we are flying domestic now. 

Diverse travel options

Australia is known for its backpacking circuits, diving destinations, camping, road trips, and no matter your travelling style, this country has something, or the other, to draw you. The diversity within this country is mind-blowing. It has beaches, metropolitan areas, and fantastic wine regions.

The variety of landscape offers travellers a wide range to choose from. As an avid traveller, I have much to do and see, whilst ensuring I manage my family and business, making me nothing short of a multitasker though it is easier said than done. However, I think I can safely say, I have fared well. And now thanks to the lockdown, I have a travelling itch to scratch. 

This country is a paradise from Uluru to the Outback, rainforests to pristine Harbour Bridge and Opera hours, and of course, the Great Barrier Reef. On a side note, one life is going to be too short for me to map this entire country. So, I am going to start with camping like a Queenslander, eating a traditional campfire damper, smoothened with melted butter and golden syrup, and drinking a hot cup of billy tea. After-which, the Great Barrier Reef is the second on my list.

Get a local bucket list ready!

My list also includes the mystical Kata, and myself on a camel, sipping champagne while watching The Rock’s sunset glow. Doesn’t it sound magical? Australia has everything to offer, at whichever price you want – from budget to luxury. And for an adventurous weekend and outback escapism, Uluru is calling me.

My bucket list also includes tropical cocktails by the pool, picnics on secluded beaches, and sunsets to dive for. And to check that off my list, Whitsundays is the perfect place. Nevertheless, I am not oblivious to the current situation. I am ready with every precaution in the book to ensure that I am safely travelling around Australia, administering the social distancing norms. 

It’s always important to re-connect with the soul and what better way then with meditation at the legendary beachside town Byron Bay Main Beach in Northern NSW, which is a haven for surfers, spiritually-minded, spa lovers, yogis, and those trying to find themselves. Naturally inclined towards yoga and the mystic, I know it is my place to be. Byron Bay Main Beach is my Aussie gateway. 

Adding to my list, I will also be travelling to Broome, where the coast meets the pearly town, rich in its history. Leisurely walking around Cable beach, drinking a warm cup of herbal tea, discovering the footprints of dinosaurs that can be seen at low tides, I am down for the long haul. This place is also a paradise to art galleries, and I know I won’t be able to walk past the Zookeepers Store.

I am SO excited and ready to locally travel within Australia. I’m consistently, self-educating myself to keep myself and my folks safe! I have my mask on, and my travel guide ready. What about you? 

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