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Local Travel Activities Plan When You’re Out of Lockdown

Local Travel Activities

With Victoria already hit its 80% first dose vaccination target we are all looking to ease the Covid restriction for us to go travel and do a lot of fun. With the international travel ban restriction, I took it as an advantage to discover beautiful local places of my own country that also offers fun outdoor activities that I missed during the long lockdown period. To have a satisfying travel experience doesn’t mean that you need to go too far places, you just need to enjoy the most it to make it a worthwhile experience. I am thrilled to share with you my local travel activities plan when we are all on lockdown. So, get ready your bucket list, check this out maybe you might want to add this also to your plans.



One of the best travel plans I always longing for where I can able to enjoy different fun activities is camping, while we can also enjoy and appreciate the beauty of nature. There is a various option of locations to choose from like by the waters or in a forest.

As I plan to have camped in riverside Aire River, Great Otway National Park is an excellent choice for me. There is a campsite on the east and west of the bank river and they have a good facility. It is a perfect spot for activities like canoeing or kayaking and be amazed by the birdlife such as swans, egrets, ducks, swamphens. They also have an exceptional fishing experience where you can catch fish such as salmon, bream, trout, mullet, mulloway and snapper. I can also reach a beach for just a short walk.

Camping in lakeside is also fun and there is some free campsite like Barmah Lakes Camping Area, Barmah National Park where I can enjoy activities like swimming, fishing and also walking or cycling in tracks around the lake.

But my best option is the Tidal river campground that sits within Wilsons Promontory National Park wherein I can able to enjoy the combination of beachfront and forest vibe which is amazing. This campsite can accommodate 500 tents, while you can choose for a different type of accommodations and locations such as close to the beach, within the park or in the forests that offers various activities such as open-air cinema to chill after a long day of swimming, surfing and hiking.



To turn my camping plans to the next level I would go to glamping, with its more luxurious and glamorous experienced I can be able to feel more relaxed and feel good.

The glamping site that I find best to go to is Happy glamper in Mornington Peninsula which offers a great glamping experience where I can feel extra special and personal as I can choose a camping site and they will set up my preferred tent style with magazines, mats, board games and chairs before I arrived. I can also able to enjoy the pristine beaches, famous wineries and hiking tracks

I also want to spend your glamping retreat at Inverloch Glamping to experience a beach vibe and luxury bell tents while sleeping under the stars. They have a glamorous amenity with a vast of activities such as hiking, cycling and discover other nature opportunities.


Café and restaurants 

Eating outside to enjoy different tastes of foods is one thing we are deprived of during lockdown. I missed doing café and restaurant hopping to try out different menus, aside from the desire to eat delicious food and good customer service I also preferred a beautiful place with amazing views to complete the fun.

I want a cafe with a calm, dream-like atmosphere like Mister Hoffman with its interior features of pastel pink and touches of Old World charm, such as green vintage tiles and copper coffee pots. No wonder it won the title of 2016 World Interiors News Awards. Choose from a variety of menus like pan-fried Tasmanian salmon with golden beetroot and heirloom carrots, blueberry and ricotta hotcakes, a classic bacon-and-egg wrap.

Eating while looking at the breathtaking view is perfect and Stokehouse is a place where I want to go with its refined dining which has floor-to-ceiling windows all the way around, so you can able to see the beautiful view of St. Kilda beach. The restaurant offers extensively seafood in line with its location. The raw section offers a menu such as Spanish mackerel with yuzu, koji marinade, seared tuna with wasabi syllabub and pickled radish.

Mains include King George whiting fish and chips, market fish with smoked almond puree, butter sauce and carrot reduction, and chargrilled pork with saltbush and compressed melon. For the drinks, there is a big enough range of beer and cocktails you can choose from.

Here is how I prepared my travel plans. I just have my mask and follow the travel guidelines then I’m out to go. Seeking a place to have fun is my way (and you too) to get myself out of the anxiety and enjoy life to the fullest.

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