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Living my Best Peppermint Life: doTerra oils

I’ll let you in on a little secret about me, I’m a big fan of aromatherapy. I use it a lot when I meditate. It’s so important to have clear goals for mindset when going into meditations and aromatherapy really helps me to achieve that. In my search for oils, I came across doTerra, and I am so glad that I found this brand because these oils really resonate with me.

My love for doTerra

When doTerra launched in 2008, the company was determined to make sure they were providing the highest quality and purest oils to their customers. At the time, there was no quality standard in the aromatherapy oil industry, meaning, there was no quality control. So doTerra had to create a standard and ensure they could meet and exceed it.

This story really speaks to me because I have come across many hurdles in my life as a businesswoman, particularly conquering many male-dominated industries. So, I really love my doTerra oils because their story reminds me of my own early-career challenges.

With a science blog and even a chemistry handbook, doTerra is a company clearly dedicated to quality. Research is an essential part of their brand, and I love that.

Of course, the fun part is trying out their beautiful oil selection. For the hardcore aromatherapist, you can mix and match individual oils. My go-to scent right now is Peppermint. I love it because it makes me feel so fresh and vibrant.

Added benefits!

There are added benefits to having some peppermint oil handy too. A drop on your tongue with some lemon oil is great for a mouth freshener. Don’t be fooled by the petite little bottle, one drop of this oil packs a powerful punch!

Peppermint is a great oil for cooking and even adding to smoothies. You can add it to your water for a little health boost while livening up your water flavour. I also keep a Frankincense and Wild Orange handy. These oils combine really well for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up aromatherapy session.

Peppermint oil is also great for warding off bugs. If you know me, you know I’m not a fan of creepy crawlies. So why wouldn’t I want some Peppermint oil handy to naturally keep the bugs away!

Diffusers I use

You might be wondering what essential oil diffuser I am using to go with my oils. DoTerra’s Volo Onyx Diffuser is perfect for my home décor. Simple, black, elegant and does the job! If I have it on a low setting, it can send out a gentle mist all day. It’s quiet too and can create lovely ambient light variations. I really love that doTerra created their own diffusers because I know they have been tested with doTerra oils.

If you love your oils, you really should invest in a good quality essential oil diffuser. The right type of diffuser will purify your air and is the best way to extend the benefits and uses of your essential oils.

One of the added benefits to using doTerra oils is that they create blends for you if you don’t want to go to the trouble of mixing your own blends. So you can start with a favourite base oil and then look at the different blends that doTerra make that go with your oil.

Favourite Blends

I basically have the doTerra Breathe blend on standby throughout winter to ward off colds, flu and coughs. The moment someone in the house makes the smallest cough, my Breathe blend is coming out of my purse and going into the diffuser. It’s a must-have for reducing the longevity of a cold or cough.

Another blend that I really love as one of the best doTerra blends for sleep and stress is Serenity. This blend works in a diffuser or on the skin as a great way to relax when you’re feeling stressed or prepare for a good night’s sleep. It’s also great for helping calm babies for a good night’s sleep. Who doesn’t love that!

What’s your go-to essential oil and brand? I’d love to know what works for you and how you use your oils to help improve your quality of life. Drop a comment below and let me know!

Love & blessings


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