Indoor Plants- the Perfect Home Accessory


There’s a gorgeous garden café in Surrey Hills where I love to book my client coffee meetings. Why? Because it’s a nursery and a café! Imagine having a really positive meeting with a client and then taking a relaxing stroll around the grounds to check out the plants. Every time I find myself drawn to the indoor plants.

Visit a nursery!

When you next get the chance, I definitely recommend you take a (virtual if you’re in Victoria, sadly) tour of your local nursery and pick up some indoor plants.

I stumbled across this café once by pure accident. I quickly realised how beneficial the impact of being surrounded by so much greenery was, especially while trying to close a new business venture deal.

There are so many benefits of having plants around you, especially in your house or workplace, and I truly believe they radiate a sense of calm and relaxation. When you operate in high-stress environments having some greenery really helps take the edge off.

And now, of course, I’m totally obsessed with indoor plants.

Did you know that there are medicinal benefits to having indoor plants in your home? Let’s get into specifics…

Spider Plant & Boston Fern

The spider plant is a beautiful fern that also purifies the air! This amazing plant absorbs toxins and increases oxygen levels. Particularly good for evenings when you’re tired and need some clean air around you after a long day. Boston Ferns are known for balancing moisture in the air so if you have dry skin this one will help you out.


Do you grow herbs indoors? The basil plant is a real winner because it will help keep bugs away. If you live in a really humid environment you will know why this is a benefit!

There are benefits to having the scent of basil around as well because this plant helps with digestion and is great for mental health. The aroma of basil helps calm your anxiety levels and reduce your stress levels. I need to make a room just for basil plants, now that I think about it.


The lavender is an interesting plant because I come across people who either love it or hate it. I actually used to have a real issue with the smell of lavender but since I’ve learned of all the benefits to having it around me I’ve learnt to love the plant.

Firstly, when flowering, the beautiful purple flowers can create a wonderful centrepiece or accent in your home. When not flowering, the lavender aroma provides you some wonderful benefits.

Are you having trouble sleeping? Try putting a lavender plant in your bedroom. Paired with a lavender oil to your routine, this plant can be a wonderful approach to naturally helping your sleep quality. Lavender also helps to repel flies (if you live in northern Australia you will be all over that) and can even be crystalised and used as a lovely cake decoration.


Since the 17th century sage tea was used in China for anti-aging purposes (where can I sing up?). Sage has also been used for treating symptoms of menopause, is antibacterial, antifungal and has even been used as a gargle for sore throats. If you have little ones, like I do, sore throats are plentiful so I always keep some sage handy.

If you’re going to try some of the medicinal properties of your plants – in other words if you’re going to make teas or consume the plant – make sure to check that the species is edible first.

Check the growing conditions when you get yourself one (or many) indoor plants because each plant needs certain levels of water and sunlight. A great benefit to indoor plants is they are in pots so you can move them around if they aren’t suited to a particular chosen spot in the house.

Don’t just stop with these plants, though. There are so many benefits to having plants in your home and office that pretty much any plant type will have some type of benefit to it.

Sometimes the benefit is purely for mental health. On my most stressful days I like to take a moment to just enjoy my indoor plants because no matter what types of stress goes on around me, having a moment to be grounded in nature really helps me keep perspective on what really matters. The bigger picture.

Love & blessings


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