Winter Wardrobe Essentials for 2020


The best thing about winter is signature boots and layers for days! For those of us that have been on pyjama rotation it’s time to go from stagnant to stylish. Here’s the thing, I always make sure I look (or at least feel) stylish or glamorous. Even when there’s days that I don’t know how I’ll get my hair in a mum-bun, taking the time to put on something that makes me feel great means I’m ready to handle anything the day is about to throw at me.

So let’s dive into some of my winter fashion staples…


I am just going to go right ahead and put jeans first on the list. My favourite thing about a good pair of denim jeans is that there are colours and styles to suit all of us, and probably each of our moods too. People are constantly coming up with ways to funk up a simple pair of jeans and I have to say, I am totally on board with it. A solid staple that will always be with us.


Look, I am sure we all have a black or white shirt somewhere in our cupboards so let’s change it up a bit and opt for a fitted long sleeve shirt. The beauty of today’s style skivvies is they come in so many different styles, they can spice up an outfit while still being so simple and versatile. The safest colour option is always going to be your blacks and whites, but if you have a colour scheme going, don’t be afraid to add it to the mix.


A good blazer adds some classy spice and a bit of extra warmth without the need for a bulky coat. Slimming lines and soft fabric makes for a perfect blazer. The great thing about these is you can go for something neutral in tone and have a pop of colour underneath or you can make the blazer something that stands out and is quintessentially you!



They’re warm, they’re so stylish, they can finish a look or they can be the centrepiece… they’re boots! I do love to scour my favourite boutique stores for the new season release, of course. But we all have a pair that is our go-to for winter. Waiting anxiously for the temperature to drop so we can strap on our favourite pair is what winter is all about.


It’s simply not possible for me to finish my winter staples without a gorgeous scarf. This accessory tops off and rounds out all of my looks. My advice, don’t skimp when it comes to scarves. There’s nothing worse than relying on a scarf to keep you warm that’s also keeping you super itchy. This scarf is an absolute favourite of mine. It’s from Ellis & Co and, better yet, is an Australian brand! It’s gorgeous, comfortable and totally glam.


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