What Is Slugging? And Why Is This K-Beauty Skincare Trend Going Viral?


Imagine having a healthy moisture barrier! Once upon a time, it was a far fetched dream for me. Until recently, when through TikTok and its various trends, I was introduced to Slugging; a k-beauty skincare trend. Always a little sceptical at first, I gave it an honest try – only to realise that it is one of the best trends and something that I am going to continue. 

Slugging is a Korean Skincare method that has very recently become a trend amongst the different generations alike. Even Redditor’s swear by it. If you still don’t know what it is then let me explain slugging to you: it involves applying Vaseline ( Petroleum jelly ) before hitting the bed and waking up to softer, nourished skin

Glowing skin from lathering up that jelly on your face, yes that is it! But how do you get that perfect skin? Petroleum jelly coats your skin and does not allow your trans-epidermal layer to lose water. 

Slugging your skin with petroleum jelly is one of the best ways to lock in the moisture, and I have tried it to know that it works. I love going to the beach, so evidently, my skin became very dried. I also have my genetics to blame a little, but applying Vaseline at night fixed it. It has been a wonderful experience for me. 

If this doesn’t convince you to try it for yourself, then maybe if you knew Marilyn Monroe used this method will for sure get you going. She not only used it at night but also used it as a primer for her makeup. I am all ready to try this part of the slugging as well. I certainly believe that Monroe had the perfect Korean Skin a.k.a Mirror skin. 

Mirror skin is what you achieve from slugging: fill your layers of skin with moisture and the Vaseline or your petroleum jelly does not allow the skin barrier to break. If your skin barrier is intact, moisture doesn’t get evaporated. 

Try the K-Beauty Trend for yourself? 

I would not recommend this k-beauty skincare trend for someone who is dealing with acne. For some skin types such as oily, this method can be a little more complicated. Some believe Vaseline or petroleum jelly to be occlusive. I would suggest that you try slugging maybe during winter when your sebum secretion is not on an overdrive. You could also try it if you live in a dry region. Now, I make it a point to apply Vaseline before I go swimming. It has allowed my skin to stay safe from the chlorine in pool water. Such a saviour!

How to slug? 

Start with a toner. I have a few of the favourites that I alternate between. After toner, I apply either Nivea or petroleum jelly such as Vaseline and follow it up with my bedtime routine. I sometimes mix my moisturisers with skin ampoule or skin oils with a comedogenic index of 0 so that my skin can breathe as well. 

Before makeup? 

Monroe did it, so I do it too. However, I ensure that I try slugging only when my skin is feeling extra dry or the weather outside is not favourable. If your skin feels parched, then why not? 

Best time for slugging?

I certainly believe that the best time to try slugging with your night time routine. You can also use this method with other parts of your body, needing that extra nourishment and moisture lock. Some dermatologists do recommend it to treat eczema as well. There are various brands that you can use if Vaseline isn’t on your list: Aquaphor, CeraVe, etc. However, start by coating your face with a thin layer. 

A thin layer of Vaseline, goes a long way. Ensure that you use a good moisturiser underneath because that also determines how your skin benefits from slugging. 

My night time routine cannot go without my favourite bottle of Vaseline, and I am sure yours won’t too. Do try this k-beauty skincare trend for yourself. 

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