Top 5 Tools for the Ultimate Exfoliating Experience

When it comes to lumps, bumps and dry skin we all need to exfoliate to get rid o the unwanted layer of dirt and grime that can build up on any given day. Makeup, dirt from our environment, sweat and our skins natural oils can all act to clog up the pores and leave our skin feeling less than perfect. But never fear! Below are my top 5 tools that I use regularly to combat those skin nasties and achieve a glowing and smooth complexion every day of the week! So sit back and read on so that you too can reach skincare perfection in just a few easy steps.

            #1- Bristle brush

A bristle brush has been part of our skincare routines for many years, The original manual brushes can be found in many of our grandmother’s bathrooms and there is a good reason that they are still so popular! I find that this is a great tool to use once a week before a face mask as it gets deep into my skin and removes any hidden dirt that I have not been able to reach with other methods. It is quite a harsh brush, but it certainly does the job!

You can now find mechanical bristle brushes available on the market, and I have one and have never looked back! This gives you the option of different speeds so you can personalise your experience. I find that the medium option works best for me, but the beauty is that you can chop and change whenever you feel the need! You just need to clean the brush head after every use and you have your once a week exfoliating miracle on hand!

            #2- Silicone brush

Now this one is part of my daily cleansing and exfoliating routine. The silicone brush has taken off in recent years and yet again it is justified. The soft bristles of the silicone brush give a much more gentle experience as opposed to the bristle brush, and this makes it an excellent tool for anyone, even those with skin sensitivity. I find that using the silicone brush I never have any irritation but my skin is always left soft and smooth.

They come in an array of options, you can try a cheaper manual brush that comes in the form of a pad that you gently wipe against your face, used to remove makeup and everything else your skin may have picked up during the day. Otherwise, there is the option of an automatic brush that vibrates gently against your skin to remove dirt and clean your pores. Either option work great for me, but the automatic I must admit feels amazing against my face. Again you can try different settings and it is easy to tailor the experience to your needs. This style of brush is endorsed by a range of celebrities as well and when you try it you will know why. Plus as it comes in many different colours it is super cute and compact. You can even bring it with you to the office to start your exfoliating a little early!

            #3- Exfoliating gloves

I am sure that most of us have heard of the exfoliating gloves. This is something that I use in the shower every evening because paired with a good scrub it acts to exfoliate my entire body. No more lumps and bumps for me! These gloves can be picked up almost anywhere, from beauty stores to dollar shops. They are cheap and do need to be dried between use so that they do not start to mould or grow their bacterial colony. Once they do you can almost guarantee that they will not work like they once did. The best way to avoid this is to hang them up after use outside of the shower, next to your towel, and make sure they are fully dried each day. If you find they are still damp of an evening hanging outside or getting a second pair to alternate could work to reduce the risk.

            #4- Pore brush

It is exactly what it says it is! A pore brush is designed to, you guessed it, clean your pores! The small fibres when rubbed against the skin act to get right into those stubborn spots and clean them right out. They work by gently opening the pores and cleaning out the oils and dirt that could get stuck there during the day. As they are a smaller kind of brush they can also get to those hard to reach places, such as around the corners of your nose.

            #5- Silicone loofah

I had not heard of these until recently, but my life has changed for the better! The silicone loofah is so much more skin-friendly than the old alternatives. It is easy to clean, so you know you are not rubbing nasties back into your skin after a long day. It is great for any skin types, even the most sensitive, for which the traditional loofah is often a no-go. It is reversible and most slip over your fingers for controlled exfoliation over the whole body. All silicone tools are anti-microbial, so they stay fresh and in use for much longer! If you want the best for your skin daily then look no further.

That’s it! These are my top 5 best skincare exfoliation tools on the market and the reasons behind my choices. I find that it is important to exfoliate as it gets rid of all that grime that we don’t want resting on our skin for too long. It can have many adverse effects such as dryness or acne, so it sits at both ends of the spectrum. By exfoliating once a day, generally, when I get home from work, I find that my skin is so much better off for it! It does not take long and when you have the right tools it is easy to stay on top of your routine!

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