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To Scrub or Not to Scrub? The Benefits of Body Scrubs and What to Look for

The scrub is one of the most common exfoliating products on the market. It has obvious benefits and in a lot of cases fast results for people who have suffered from skin impurities that eventuated from daily dirt and grime our skin encounters. Not many beauty products can get right into our pores and remove this stubborn dirt, but that is where body and facial scrubs come into play! I found that, after years of intermittent adult acne, using a facial scrub every few days kept my skin in the best shape of my life! It is a product that I would highly recommend, but what should you look for in a face or body scrub? Some are too harsh for our skin and below I will outline the things you should look for and what to avoid altogether.

A scrub aims to exfoliate. This is the use of particles that rub against the skin and get right down into the pores to remove dirt, makeup, oils and grime that we come across each day. Common ingredients in face and body scrubs include sea salt and microbeads. Each of these is a great addition to your scrub and will do the best job in removing such impurities from your skin. I find that after using a scrub of any kind my skin feels noticeably softer and clean for hours to days later. But what happens when the particles are too harsh?

I have experienced the bad side of scrubs too. Unfortunately, there are companies out there that are aiming to make a quick buck rather than giving their customers the best quality skin products that they can offer. The problem with this is that larger, less uniform particles can cause harm to your skin and leave it worse for wear.

This happens because these rougher particles damage the skin. As they are rubbed against the surface, they cause tiny micro-abrasions which can be painful and lead to worsening of skin conditions in the long run. Unfortunately, the immediate result can be similar to a good quality scrub, but over time this will diminish and do more and more damage.

These particles that you should avoid at all costs include ground-up shells, fruit pits and volcanic rock. These are cheap ingredients and they will slowly weaken the skin’s barrier and make you more prone to dryness, flaky skin and redness. They can even make your skin more sensitive. This is the total opposite effect of what we are trying to achieve!

Another thing that you should avoid is fragrance in your face or body scrub. Although it may be nice to smell like a tropical island following a relaxing scrub, this can irritate the skin. It happens when scrubs open up pores or cause micro-abrasions on the skin allowing the irritating fragrance to venture into the skin and make you itchy and red or it can leave you feeling sore. It may even result in a rash.

The best option in my opinion for face scrubs is a fragrance-free, gentle scrub. This kind of scrub will give you all the benefits without the risk of worsening your skin condition. I opt for something that I can use daily, if necessary, but a good scrub once a week can work wonders on your skin!

In addition to removing dead skin cells and other nasties that are left on your skin after a long day at work, face and body scrubs have other benefits too! They can remove flaky skin and leave you feeling a lot smoother. This will also act to brighten your skin and rejuvenate dullness. I had issues for a long time with dullness and when I started using face and body scrubs there was a noticeable difference within the first month!

They prevent ingrown hairs. Yes, you heard me right! Body and face scrubs work to keep those hairs from growing under the skin and this, in turn, works to reduce acne and blemishes caused by these pesky hairs.

Facial scrubs have also been known to reduce acne scarring. This was a problem that I faced personally and I can tell you now that there was a massive difference in my appearance when I started religiously using a facial scrub. It is an easy product to add to your routine and the results speak for themselves.

Another tip when choosing the best scrub for you is to make sure you take into account your skin type. Whether you have oily, normal, dry, or combination skin there is a face or body scrub that is suited to your skin. My skin is usually on the oilier side, so a scrub that targets the problems associated with oily skin is perfect for my needs. This will ensure that you get the best results from your new scrub and reap the benefits sooner rather than later.

My final tip when using your new scrub is to always wash your skin with a gentle cleanser first! This will help to remove superficial dirt and allow the scrub to work its magic more effectively! You will be surprised at how quickly you will notice a difference in your skin once a face or body scrub is added to your skincare routine.

Now that you have all of the tips and tricks to choose the best face or body scrub for you, it is time to get scrubbing! Make sure you take into account your personal needs and use them as necessary for smoother skin with fewer impurities. Face and body scrubs have been a Godsend for me and I would love to share this beauty secret with everyone I can! Many people have been deterred from buying such products due to bad experiences in the past but when you know what to look for it makes the whole process so much easier, with better results too!

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