The Surprising Benefits of White Tea You Didn’t Know About


I like my tea more than my coffee, well, on most days. Recently, I started drinking white tea. Yes, it has been a recent addition in my many different types of teas. Most of us are more familiar with Black tea, or even green tea. Last summer, I did a great deal of research on Oolong, Matcha and Pu-erh. Traditionally, white tea is a Chinese tea that has more health benefits than any other tea found.

How you must wonder? White tea is the most minimally processed and therefore can deliver more antioxidants to our body. The process is simple, after harvestation, tea is left to wither in direct sunlight. Therefore, compared to all other teas, white tea is more potent.

It is derived from the Camellia Sinensis plant, which delivers flavonoids and polyphenols. In comparison to white tea, green tea is derived from more matured tea leaves. Interestingly, white tea is called so because of how the leaves are harvested, white tea leaves have tiny white hairs. Its name is a no brainer, afterall. White tea is good for bone health and also can play a major role in reversing skin damage. Anything good for the skin is my go to product!

White tea also has the added benefits of treating inflammation. Just like Matcha, White tea naturally promotes weight loss. Having been drinking white tea for months now, my journey with the tea has been amazing. I am more active, and I don’t need coffee as much as I did earlier. White tea has helped me not only stay active throughout my day, but also aid my metabolism.

Additionally, you don’t have to worry about the taste. White tea comes in 5 varieties and you can choose from them. The five varieties give you enough flavours to choose from. Its minimal and straightforward production means the tea is soft and delicate to drink. It has a yellow colour depending on how strong you enjoy it. It is herb-y because of how less production process it goes through.

I enjoy the floral touch of white tea, but you can choose from other options including, fruity, spicy or vegetal.

I am not joking when I write that white has not only become my morning companion but also has helped boost my confidence. My skin is my top priority, however, regardless of how much effort I put in, it is difficult to care for. White tea has antimicrobial properties, meaning it helps to even the complexion and fight acne causing bacteria. I have also used the used up bags of white tea as a spot treatment for my face, and it works.

White tea is rich in phenol that boosts collagen production in the body, and helps our skin look younger by the day. What I keep looking for in different cosmetics is right here in my tea. Furthermore, it is good for your hair too. It is abundant in antioxidants, like I mentioned previously. However, it is a factory of epigallocatechin gallate, an antioxidant proven to enhance hair health. White tea also has qualities that make it a sun screen for our hair. My hair has shown signs of improvement, and reversed sun damage, even on the hottest days my hair does not feel dry. I have also used white tea water as a topical shampoo, resulting in  an amazing shine in my hair.

White tea is ideal for anyone who has health issues. It is beneficial if you are suffering from diabetes. We know that diabetes is a result of a lot of lifestyle choices and genetic factors. White tea helps to regulate insulin and control diabetic risk to an individual.

So many benefits, is it not? Try for yourself.


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