The Evolution of Workwear After COVID-19

The pandemic has changed the way we dress – period! I now find greater comfort in my PJs, than I ever did in my office attire. I mean, who did really? The majority of us spend more time in pyjamas than we care to admit. Extended remote working has us stuck inside our homes for so long, that we really have no-one to impress… so we let our hair down! Believe me, I know I did. Personally, I found comfort in my fuzzy socks and oversized jumpers, while handling my business, from the comfort of my own home

I didn’t even realise when my loafers replaced my heels, or when my joggers replaced my formal wear. I now dress in what I would like to call, “Zoom Attire.” (I promise you, it’s an actual ‘thing’.) The pandemic has forced us to adapt to a new way of life and learning how to survive on a day-to-day basis, is key! 

Comfort is key!

However, as our wardrobe has shifted to prioritise comfort, the retail world has met us halfway and are giving us what we need. Today, most of the products being manufactured consist of casual and comfort wear. This encourages the remote worker to look good and feel good. Versatility has become the new motto for retailers. 

As we are no longer compromising comfort, we have now adopted neutrals colours as a new uniform. On a positive note, the pandemic has relieved pressure off of being judged for what one wears. Everyone is looking for comfort. Aren’t we all? With so much on my plate, that my office attire must resonate with my mood, which right now, doesn’t need the added pressure. 

Leggings making a comeback?

Leggings have made a comeback, and I swear I would’ve never spent so much money on leggings before as I have now. Well, in my defence? I wear leggings SO often, that I only think it is fair that I spend money on the essentials… a nice pair of leggings!

Now, I look into the mirror to ensure that I have my makeup right, sober enough for a zoom call, but bright enough to say, “hey, I’m the boss, and I’ve got my sh** together.” Now, I dress up for the screen and slip on my grey houndstooth blazer when I need to fancy it up a bit. Let’s be honest, I’ve spent more money on makeup than on clothes. Did you know that false lashes have increased by an average of 15% every week, since last year? Everything revolving around the eyes have become a beauty staple since wearing masks became mandatory. 

Minimalism is here!

Fads have run out, and it’s all about keeping the essentials. Or what we like to call: minimalism. Less is more. Isn’t it? My aim when switching to minimalism, was to find comfort by unloading. After all, the pressure to survive in a pandemic was more than enough. We all can breathe a little better now, knowing COVID-19 is being actively managed and contained.

Whether we are working from home, or physically heading back to our work spaces. Studies have shown that individuals work better when they are dressed appropriately for it. Perhaps it might even be a psychological phenomenon that has developed in our minds to work at our optimal only when we are dressed for it. Nevertheless, clothes do not decide our credibility. We should all be working hard towards our goals to succeed and make a happy life for ourselves – with or without heels. 

Love & Blessings,


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