The Easiest Way to Nourish Dry Skin!

The cold weather brings with it dry skin and hair. There is a lot that we can do to avoid it, but sometimes our skin routine falls by the wayside when we are waking up late and making the most of those few minutes of extra sleep in our comfy beds. I am notorious for pressing snooze one too many times on my alarm and missing important parts of my morning skincare. But I have found that by using skin oils I can counteract the dryness with one simple application when I get home of an evening. How do they work? Well, below we explore the top 5 reasons why skin oils can save your skin from the dreaded winter dryness. There is no use wasting another second worrying about what you can do, skin oils are your answer!

  1. They are hydrating

The key to banishing dry skin for good is of course by hydrating. This does not need to be done just with a daily moisturiser, I found that adding skin oil to my skincare routine at night had a major moisturising effect. I would not go without it again!

As the days get colder and the heaters indoors get turned on more often we find that our skin gets dehydrated quickly. It sucks the moisture right out of our skin leaving it lacklustre and flaky. Oils are not only a quick fix but a long term solution for the inevitable winter dryness. It can correct that dry, flaky skin and even the rosy cheeks that come along with a cold gust of wind stinging your face as you walk out onto the street. I have found that face oils are much more moisturising than any over-the-counter cream I have tried.

The good news is that you do not even need to necessarily purchase an expensive face oil, coconut oil can do a great job of moisturising too. Just a pea-sized amount applied to the dry area can help to reduce the effects of dryness instantly. Almond oil is also a good option as it contains omega-3 fatty acids, so it is a great choice for sensitive skin types.

  1. They help to protect your skin

Face oils can even help to protect your skin. These oils are lipophilic and can penetrate deep into the skin. This means that using face oils will allow you to keep the moisture within the layers of your skin and prevent it from drying out!

This barrier created by the face oils also helps to keep all the nasties out. This means that any external toxins and dirt are less likely to get into your pores and cause issues such as acne and rashes. Some oils act to fortify the skin and strengthen the skins natural barrier. If you are living in the city this is a bonus for you. Any pollutants and smog will have a hard time venturing deeper than the outer layer of your skin. These are the main causes of wrinkles too.

If you combine your daily face oil with rosehip seed oil on cold winter days then you will add some much-needed antioxidants to your skin.

  1. They make an excellent primer

There are a few face oils that can act as a great primer for your skin before applying makeup. As I mentioned above, face oils lock in moisture, so they will prevent your skin from drying out with makeup and other products. Mandarin and pumpkin seed oil are especially beneficial for this. They settle on areas that need hydrating the most. It gives both a plumping effect and creates a smooth canvas for your makeup too!

  1. Help to minimise rashes

There are many different properties of face oils, but one of the most common in a range of different oils is their anti-inflammatory properties. If you find that you regularly experience skin irritation, rashes or allergies then this may be the solution you have been searching for!

Some particular oils do this more so than others. If you would like to concentrate on anti-inflammatory oils to benefit your complexion then you will need to look for Argan or Yangu oils as they are both ideal for any skin irritations that you may experience. Another oil that can be used for such a purpose is Geranium oil as it is used in a lot of products targeted at rosacea as it acts to dull redness.

  1. Minimise your pores

Although it is not specific to skin dryness, the final benefit that I have found from using skin oils is that it minimises your pores. The higher-end face oils such as macadamia, jojoba and camellia oils pull grime and dirt from your pores, helping to make them smaller and much less noticeable.

The only advice that I would have to give in this regard is that you can not rely on this result from your everyday supermarket face oils. This is a formula that has been created specifically for this result. Your run of the mill drugstore face oils can have the exact opposite effect. They could leave your pores clogged and puffy. Each oil will have some key skin issues that they may focus on. Read about the formulation and although it may cost a little more, you will be much happier with the results!

These are some ways in which I have found face oils added to my daily skincare routine can help especially during winter. Cold winds can damage your skin and leave it dry and flaky. This is why some additional moisturising properties can be beneficial in keeping your complexion full and smooth. Do not let the winter months leave you feeling less than your best. The key is to know what works for your skin and if you have yet to try skin oils then this may be the perfect opportunity!

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