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The Big Deal Behind Manifesting Success And Happiness In Your Life

success and happiness

Happiness and success go hand in hand. You may think that success in your career, family life, or interests breeds happiness, but I think it is the other way around. To be successful in every aspect of life is to first be happy. Happy with who you are. Happy in yourself. This is the most important thing to manifest.  

Since the industrial revolution, mankind has strived to be successful. This has been put first in our minds above being truly happy. I have noticed that people generally think that getting that promotion, the car, the house of their dreams is thought to bring happiness later on. But this is not the case.

Research in neuroscience and psychology throughout the past two decades has found that happiness is the main driver and precursor for success. One reason for this is that positive feelings make the brain work better. But with rising house prices, cost of tertiary education, and work competition is our drive for success making us happy?

There are four tips that I have taken from leading psychologists which help me to put happiness first in my pursuit of success. I hope that these tips can be put into action in your own life and career so that above all you can remain happy. This is the key ingredient to becoming successful in all avenues of your life.

#1- Pursue meaningful engagement

This is a concept developed by Martin Seligman, and I have found it very helpful especially when amid a career change and starting my own business. Seligman was a pioneer of positive psychology and one of his key points was that meaningful engagement is a prominent factor of happiness.

The way that you can do this is by playing to your strengths. If you have skills and attributes that you find you are particularly good at then you should use these as much as possible. This can be done in your career and your home life. For example, if you are good at writing then you should find a career where you can use this daily. That may be in an area such as article writing and journalism, and you could even look at starting your blog from home on a topic that interests you.

Seligman’s quote explains this concept best; “One of the best ways of discovering this value is by nourishing our unique strengths in contributing to the happiness of our fellow humans.” In other words, when you engage with your strengths then you create meaning in your life and others, and happiness is sure to follow. This is one way that we can find success and find true happiness.

#2- Practice and manifest mindfulness

A study from Harvard University found that approximately 47% of our time is spent thinking about things that are not happening, which makes us inherently unhappy. I found that my mood rapidly changed when I started focusing only on what was happening at that very moment. There is no point worrying about all the things that could or could not be happening. Be present and you will find that your demeanour and ability to work will drastically improve.

When you focus on the tasks at hand you will find that your will complete them more efficiently and working in this manner can also breed success as well as give peace of mind.

#3- Strengthen your friendships

There is always some form of stress in our lives. But having strong friendship circles is important to take the edge off these times. My friendship group has been essential during my stressful times in business and home life.

In his book The Happiness Advantage, Shawn Anchor speaks of the challenges you may face during the time of stress. It is the way that we handle this that tells us the most about ourselves. When times get tough some people will retreat and isolate themselves. But to take this stress and manifest it into something positive, we should be making time for social events, family and friends. Sharing what is bothering us can open up a whole new outlook from those close to us. Your friends may just give you the answer you have been searching for. Whether it is relating to a stressful work or personal problem you are facing.

#4- Develop your softer skills

Softer skills, such as empathy, listening skills, and team-building skills are in high demand in workplaces around the world. These are real skills that we all possess in some capacity, and developing these will help us to move forward in our careers, and can also be useful in our personal lives. CEO of LinkedIn, Jeff Wiener, was asked recently what professional skills are most in-demand in the workforce and he said undoubtedly that soft skills are lacking in most workplaces.

You can put your career a step ahead by developing these all-important skills. I found that once I honed my soft skills it gave me the ability to better deal with everyone I came into contact with, from clients to coworkers. Not only did it help in my professional career, but also with my friends and family. There is no downside to enhancing your soft skills and it will, in turn, help you to be a happier version of yourself.

These are four ways in which I was able to manifest success in both my career and home life. but it did so much more than that. It made me feel better within myself, and this in turn helped to complete my work more efficiently and become successful in all avenues of life. When you can master these life changes you will find that you will be better off for it. Happiness is the most important thing and when you develop an understanding of how to be truly happy you will find that everything else will fall into place. This includes success in work and life.

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