The Best of Winter Fashion 2021 – Our Predictions

winter fashion

I cannot wait for winter fashion 2021. My clothes are dying to see the outside world now, but I have no hopes that summer 2021 clothes are going to see any daylight – with the slowly lifting COVID-19 rules. Therefore, winter it is, and I have big plans. 

Sharing a secret, I spent most of my 2020 shopping for 2021. Personally, summers are easy to shop for, but it takes planning and plotting to get the winter clothes right. They cannot just be cute, they have to perform as well. 

You cannot go out wearing something that looks cozy, but cannot keep you warm or last an outing without you cursing the cold air. On a frigid winter morning, when you don’t even feel like getting out of the bed, layering in the same black sweaters, jeans, boots seems reasonable. 

Basics are back 

Winter clothes need to stand the test of time. And why not be recycled – wearing the same piece of clothing but with new styles everyday. Such that my same black sweater also stands out. I plan on going back to basics, but I am going to make it chic. Predicting Winter 2021, I say it is going to be the most minimalist, laid back winters ever. Your black turtleneck can become a statement piece styled with big hoops and boyfriend jeans or feathered pants. You could also pair it with a staple plaid print.

The outside temperature cannot and should not convince you to dress down. Pick a long-sleeved turtle neck or figure-hugging cardigan and pair it with a corset. Flaunt your figure with the corset paired with denim that has a flare at the hem, but fits right at the thighs. 

Knee-high boots

Ladies, a classic white sweater paired with knee-high boots is your biggest trend to work with. I have always invested in good wear of knee-high boots and this winter 2021, I am flaunting my favourite pair. 

Layers, layers, layers 

You cannot go wrong with layering – any winters. Apart from keeping you warm, layering can be experimented with. You can play with textures. A faux leather puffer on top of a two-tone jacket with a nice pair of tight-fitting jeans and there you have it – a perfect look. To complete the outfit, wear gold loops because no winter outfit is complete without one. 

Acid wash jeans + plaid jacket 

Do you know what you cannot go wrong with? A plaid jacket. It is perfect for a sunny winter outing. Plaid jackets are back as well. And you don’t need anything this winter, but a plaid jacket that you can wear out without freezing. 

Statement coat

Winters cannot be boring. A night out or an evening out can be completed with a statement coat. 2021 winter is the winter of bold – don’t worry about the colours, wear your loudest, choose patterns and different styles. Let your coat run long and let the rest of your outfit be plain to contrast well with your statement piece. What sucks the most during winters is planning to go out at night. This is when an embellished sweater comes into action and saves you the effort. You can layer it with a teddy bear coat. It is chic and will keep you warm. Complete the outfit with crystal earrings and wear your hair down – that is a look to die for this 2021 winter. Get yourself a leather jacket, a pair of leather pants, everything leather. Even when the temperature hits zero, you will not go out of style. 


Yes, Tracksuits!

They aren’t going anywhere. By winter 2021, we would have spent two years lounging in our comfort gear. I am going with a pink tracksuit paired with chunky jewellery and cool kicks. Throw in a beanie as well, and your look is complete. 

But don’t forget, experiment with your looks this winter. 

Love & Blessings,


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