Tame the Frizz: The Key to Silky Smooth Hair!

The worst problem I have is the daily struggle to tame my frizzy locks. So, what is the best method to counteract the wind and rain to keep your hair looking silky smooth? Below I have compiled a list of my top 5 tips to get your luscious locks in the best condition for the winter season. With summer just creeping up on us, let’s not leave your hair dry and lacklustre coming into summer!

There are four different types of frizzy hair, and it is not restricted to those of us with curly hair. The first type of frizz is aptly named the puffball frizz. This occurs throughout your hair and gives it a very full and round appearance. Almost like a pompom. The second is the surface frizz when the outside of your hair only is the cause of the dreaded frizz. Frizzy ends, as the name suggests, is when the frizz is concentrated on the ends of the hair. Finally, halo frizz is when the frizz is around the top of your head, almost like wearing a crown of flyaway hair.

  1. Avoid towel drying

One of the biggest causes of hair frizziness is towel drying. It is an automatic reaction to grab a towel fresh out of the shower and put it right over your locks, but before you do this next time STOP! You need to think twice about rubbing a towel all over your damp locks if you want to try and tame the frizz.

The action of rubbing your hair with a towel creates friction and tangles in your hair. It can even make the cuticles stick up from your head, this causes frizz, fly-aways and static. To minimise the chance of fluffy hair and frizz you need to change the way you dry it. You only need two things for this, an old t-shirt and a microfiber towel.  Pat your hair dry with the towel and then wrap it with a t-shirt to soak up all the excess water.

  1. Turn down the heat

Of course, to prevent frizz we need to step away from high-heat hair devices. This means your curling wands straighteners and even hair dryers.  I found that after reducing the heat settings on my hairdryer especially I reduced the daily frizz instantly. These can deprive your hair of the moisture that it needs and leave it dry. It will eventually become frizzier, so where possible reduce or remove the heat altogether.

You need to take note of what your hair needs. Sometimes you could leave it to air dry, allowing it to absorb the excess water from the air. There are even some products out there that can help to minimise frizz when left to naturally dry and make your hair dry faster and full of moisture. It can make the world of difference.

But remember, heat does not only come from the hair tools that we use. A long hot shower, as good as it may feel, can also contribute to this. It does not do your hair any favours. It can cause to cuticles of your hair to rise and this, in turn, makes them frizzy. When possible, wash your hair with cool lukewarm water, this will help to minimise the stress on your hair and leave it with less frizz!

  1. Diffusers are your best friends

There are times when we can not avoid the heat. Some days I just need a quick blow dry or curling iron and it can not be avoided. A girl needs to look her best, right? But this is when diffusers come in handy. But grabbing the dryer right away and getting the job done fast can have the opposite effect. To avoid the fly-aways and frizz, you need to take one extra step.

A hairdryer with a nozzle can be a lifesaver on those crazy mornings. It directs the air downwards and flattens the cuticle, leaving you with less frizz and smooth, shiny hair. With curls, you may want to opt for a diffuser or a diffuser attachment so you don’t straighten out your style.

  1. Tackle overnight frizz

When we toss and turn nighttime, it can wreak havoc on our hair and leave us with unbeatable frizz in the morning. I find that some mornings my hair gets completely tangled and damaged from just one night of tossing and turning. But I found that the right sleep routine can help to reduce this issue and give me a sound nights sleep. Not only does it keep your hair in control, but it leaves you feeling rested.

Curly hair can be pulled up in a high bun or wrapped in a silk scarf. Investing in a silk pillowcase can also help to protect your hair and add product at night to moisturise.

  1. Brush the right way

Although it is tempting to smooth out your hair with a brush, this can often have the opposite effect. It will make matters worse when trying to drag a brush through your frizzy, tangled locks. Curly hair especially should never be brushed, but if you have very curly hair you are probably aware of this. Combing your hair with a leave-in conditioner will give you that extra TLC and add a protective layer to your hair, taming to excessive frizziness.

A wide-tooth comb is your best option to tackle stubborn frizz, I always keep one on hand for those bad hair days.  Plastic or metal brushes will leave your hair more frizzy than it started, whereas wooden combs act to detangle gently and reduce static.

The above tips are the best that I have found to keep my hair looking its best during winter. I have been using these tips and tricks for years and I am constantly asked what my secret is. Now you too can have silky, shiny and smooth hair for winter and say goodbye to that frizz for good! Do not let the cold ruin your hair, start the repair today! You will be thankful when summer rolls around. Allow yourself to shine and take care of that hair!

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