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Products That Are Guaranteed To Give You a Good Night’s Sleep

We all suffer from insomnia at some point in our lives. This could range from a little sleeplessness to staying awake most of the night. Whatever stage you are at, we can all agree that it can be detrimental to many aspects of our lives, from our performance at work to our overall mood. This is why I have taken the time to compile a list of the products that have made a difference in my life and how they have helped me to overcome a lack of sleep. It has changed my outlook and improved my life in so many ways, I want to share how you too can finally get that good night sleep that we all deserve!

            #1- Crystal eye masks

Crystal eye masks work in many ways, depending on the crystal. Rose quartz is my favourite, plus it comes in pretty pink, but you can also find Jade masks. The benefits for all crystal face masks include the encouragement of restful sleep and making your eyes feel stress-free and well-rested. This is in part because of the weight of the mask and how it acts to keep your eyes from moving during sleep. This decreases the stress on them and it is one of the reasons you will feel so refreshed every morning!

The cooling nature of the mask also works to soothe the skin around the eyes, helping to provide a better nights sleep and give amazing results for your complexion! There are so many reasons to try the crystal face masks and I am sure that they are one sleep product that certainly will not disappoint!

            #2- Weighted blanket

I honestly do not know how I lived without my weighted blanket! I bought it two years ago and I have never looked back. It has been a great gift for family and friends over the years too, and they also rave about the benefits of a weighted blanket and deep sleep.

Weighted blankets have been known to reduce anxiety as well as improve your sleep cycle. It is not just me telling you this! There has been a recent study that showed that people who were given the weighted blanket found it easier to calm down at night and fall asleep. If you are someone who has trouble getting to sleep then this could certainly be part of the solution for you!

            #3- Diffuser

My vaporising diffuser is well-used as I find that not only does it help clear my sinuses when I am sick, but it is also able to provide a much better nights sleep for me! Adding lavender oil into the diffuser of night time allows for relaxation and a deep sleep soon follows. High-quality essential oils are a must and lavender or bergamot are two which are known for helping with insomnia.

Another way in which diffusers help to give you a good nights rest is by keeping the air around you moist. This is essential especially during dry winters as it stops you from getting sick or waking up during the night with a sore throat. I highly recommend a diffuser for your home, for many different reasons including better sleep!

            #4- Blackout curtains

A dark room is the key to staying asleep for longer. Once the sun hits my window I find it almost impossible to stay asleep and that is when the blackout curtains come in handy! I found that immediately after installing the new curtains in the bedroom I was able to get a night of sound sleep and of course not wake early morning to the sun blaring in my eyes. Many people suffer from staying asleep once morning hits and that is precisely why these curtains are so popular for the bedroom in the modern age.

It is not all about the sun. There could be an annoying light right outside your window, whether that is your neighbour’s outdoor lights shining in your eyes or a street light. These fluorescent lights are certainly bothersome and can affect some people more than others. Once again your problems are solved! Blackout curtains are the answer to the light sensitivity out there.

            #5- Herbal tea

This is high on my list of compulsory nighttime to-do’s. Chamomile tea has calming benefits and is perfect right before bed. One cup and I am already yawning and ready to hit the hay. Tea has been used for centuries in Eastern cultures to help with many problems we may face including sleeplessness.

            #6- White noise machine

This is a great addition to the bedroom, but you do not need to buy an expensive machine to have the same results. There are many apps out there that provide sleep stories, sleep sounds and even nature sounds to allow you to drift off faster. One of my favourites is ‘Calm’ where you can choose from a range of options, and I can attest to the fact that you will not get to the end of a single audio track! I found white noise or nature sounds extremely soothing and helpful for a night of good night sleep and you can too. There is a reason why these machines are so popular, but the good news is that you can get the results now for little to no cost. That is certainly one reason to try it out tonight!

These are my top picks for products I have found so beneficial to my sleep regime. I was often tossing and turning for hours on end, but by introducing these to my routine I found that each night my sleep was improving. Now I can get my full 8 hours without a stir. I honestly do not know how I could have possibly lived without them for so long! So try the above products and see how they can help you too. I can assure you that no matter how much or how little sleep you get, these will assist with a sound and undisturbed slumber.

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