My Top 7 Favourite Youtube Beauty Gurus

JackieYoutube is an amazing platform for tutorials on almost any topic you can think of. From home improvements to recipes, there are endless possibilities, turning anyone into a DIY master. But when it comes to beauty it seems like the market is saturated. How can you tell the real, knowledgable beauty Youtuber from those who are just trying their hand at a successful channel? Below I have listed my top 7 favourite Youtube beauty gurus that you need to be following now! Each has their take on the makeup and beauty tutorial scene and have great insights and tips that will bring your self-care game to a whole new level!

#1- Mixed Makeup

Are you trying to up your skincare game? Then Mixed Makeup may just be the channel you have been searching for! Susan Yara is the face of this channel and she explores all of her different skincare routines and how to tackle common problems we all face. Not only does she educate, but she includes videos such as reactions to skincare routines in popular publications such as Harper’s Bazaar and reviews on certain skincare products, treatments and cosmetic procedures. With over one million subscribers it is easy to see that this channel is very popular and there is certainly a reason for it! Susan Yara and Mixed Makeup have made it right to the top of my list.

#2- Jackie Wyers

Jackie Wyers is the definition of transformation. You may have seen her videos already, but if not I would urge you to check them out! She currently has close to one million subscribers to her channel where she mainly focuses on transforming her look to imitate celebrities such as Billy Eilish and Lily Rose-Depp. She extends from just the makeup look to entire outfits and hair tutorials too. If you would like to imitate her looks or the looks of the celebrities she is mirroring, I find her tutorials easy to follow and a great idea for costume parties and even Halloween!

#3- Allana Davison

Allana Davison has made a name for herself in the online beauty scene. She has over 700K followers at this time and the number is growing every day. She uploads around 3 times a week and I have subscribed so that I do not miss a thing. Allana has a fun and quirky way of doing her tutorials which certainly keeps me engaged. She specialises in everyday makeup looks and I find them so easy to do.

#4- Jackie Aina

With over three million subscribers over the ten years she has been posting, it would be hard not to mention Jackie Aina in this list! She gives honest reviews of various products from a range of different brands which is so useful when I am looking to try something new. Jackie also shares her excellent technical skills when it comes to getting that perfect look and she has even become somewhat of an activist in the industry in recent years. My favourite go-to when I am looking for a new look or new products to use and I can see why she is so popular!

#5- The Darkest Shade

The Darkest Shade‘ is a Youtube channel run by Nyma Tang and it has skyrocketed to the beauty gurus hall of fame in no time at all! This South Sudanese babe has one million followers and counting. Her channel focuses on testing the darkest shades of different makeup lines and sees how they fair with a very dark complexion such as hers. This is an underrepresented aspect in the makeup industry and this is why I think her Youtube channel has taken off. Definitely worth a watch as she gives a detailed review of all the products that she tests and it is a great starting point when compiling a new palette.

#6- Haley Kim

Haley Kim is the natural beauty queen! She has a ‘less is more’ approach to her makeup tutorials and I love her style. She generally uses products that give her a naturally beautiful look to her face. This includes dewy skin, fluffy eyebrows and of course light mascara to finish. You can see these aspects in every look that she creates on her Youtube channel and it is certainly a great tutorial to follow for a casual, daytime complexion. I usually use her tutorials if I am going out to lunch with friends or even spending a day shopping. Even when I am off to work, I emulate some of her techniques and use a similar palette to create a naturally stunning look without too much effort.

#7- Bailey Sarian

Bailey Sarian has a truly entertaining Youtube channel, and while she is not primarily a Youtube beauty guru, I think that her videos are certainly worth a watch, and I have still learned a lot about makeup… and true crime. In the ‘Makeup Mystery Mondays’ she dives into an intriguing story of true crime while she does her makeup. It is different every time (her makeup I mean) and fascinating to listen to. She lists all of the products she used in her description section so you can find the exact products to try for yourself. I have found many amazing brands she has recommended that I love! She also does makeup tutorials the rest of the week which are beauty-focused, but I find her Monday videos really interesting and different to the norm.

My Favourite Beauty Gurus

These are my personal favourites when it comes to beauty tutorials on Youtube. From each, I have learned various tricks and even some new looks to try for different occasions that turned heads! Not only are they excellent teachers but many of the videos are also quite entertaining in a quirky, fun way all their own. No matter your style or preference when it comes to makeup and beauty, there is certainly a Youtube beauty gurus out there to pique your interest and meet your needs with their tutorials.

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