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I Drank Chlorophyll Water and Here is My Honest Experience

To be fair, adding Chlorophyll to your diet is akin to adding any other supplement. It has been seen over time that we don’t actually consume direct chlorophyll rather its derivative chlorophyllin. Chlorophyllin happens to be a chemical derivative. Additionally, there has not been much research done here to support that chlorophyll or its derivatives actually work.

However, I wanted to understand what the fuss was about. That is why I went ahead and added Chlorophyll to my daily water intake. It is an antioxidant and therefore it is trending on Tiktok with over 64 million searches. Chlorophyll water helps with aging, and because it is a plant derivative, it is anti-inflammatory and also has antimicrobial agents. It also helps to fight our bodies’ free radicals. Just imagine the perks here. Researchers are putting Chlorophyll to study to deeply understand its uses and demerits, if there are any.

I tested the potency, and it has worked for me. There is one downside, and that is, it sometimes stains my teeth, so now I drink it less regularly than I did before. It has helped me with my acne. My acne doesn’t flare up as badly anymore. Use of chlorophyll hasn’t been proven to be an anti-aging ingredient, but I am sure it will sail through.

Before starting to drink chlorophyll, I did research about it. I know that it is photosensitizing, meaning it can make my skin overly sensitive to the sun. Therefore, I drink it in moderation and never overcompensate.

I also ensure to put a lot of sunscreen on my face before stepping out and I reapply it every two hours. I would not want to regress on my way to a healthy skin journey, so I take all the healthy precautions necessary for my skin. I have also increased green veggies in my diet as it is a more direct source of the chemical than relying on the company produced.

To apply topically, I have invested in a few good brands, which have shown tremendous results. Applying chlorophyll also works well with phototherapy – red and blue lights. When I was researching the pros of drinking Chlorophyll, the one that caught my attention was that it helps fight carcinogens in our body (cancer cells). After reading that, it was easy for me to join the bandwagon of chlorophyll and its Tiktok fame.

It has also been researched that chlorophyll and its derivatives help with easy digestion – there is another plus point. Might I add that chlorophyll is amazing!

I also found a fix for chlorophyll staining teeth and lips – Use a straw to drink it. Drinking chlorophyll water also means that you are always going to be hydrated and that’s another upside.

I sometimes don’t like the taste of it, but that’s bearable. Some days, I simply gulp it down and don’t think about it again. It also helps to promote red blood cells in the body. After drinking it for two weeks straight, I felt better about my skin as it felt radiant. I have noticed that my digestion has improved significantly as well. It has been researched that chlorophyll helps to absorb toxins from the body. A free detox!

What’s even more interesting to know is that chlorophyll acts as a natural deodorant and keeps the mouth fresh as the gut is also clean. It is rich in amino acids and aids the resurgence from bacterial vaginosis. It also promotes the growth of white blood cells and helps fight leukemia.

There are just too many good things about it. Personally, I like it because it helps to create a line of defence in the body and benefits the intestinal barrier. You must try it too. For me, the journey has been successful and drinking chlorophyll is always going to be on my list. To be honest, I feel more at peace about my skin now, maybe it is the placebo effect of drinking chlorophyll. Whatever the cause, I love the trend.

If you want to start small, take chlorophyll supplements and gradually add it to your diet. There are also sprays that can be used for the skin. Before taking it as a supplement, do consult with your doctor as it is always better. Or even better? Switch a green leafy diet.

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