Eyeshadow Palettes for Winter 2021

Winter has come around quickly, it seems like only yesterday it was Christmas and all of a sudden we have hit mid-year! It may be down to the fact that we are still amid a pandemic, but when we are allowed to venture into the outside world it is imperative to me that I am up to date with current trends. That includes the trending eyeshadows for the season. Getting out on the town may be a limited experience again this year, but we all need to stay on fleek with the top-rated eyeshadows of winter 2021!

            #1- Urban Decay Prince Let’s Go Crazy eyeshadow palette

This is one of my personal favourites for the season. This new palette from Urban Decay includes the most popular colour reoccurring throughout this article, bronze, as well as a mix of deep blues, violets and various shades of crown that all compliment each other. The colours are modelled after those utilised by Prince himself in this collector’s item! You can channel the musical genius through the various popular shades that are included in this rare palette. It is a great price, coming in at around $94.00 on sites such as MECCA. The unique match of colours make it a must-have for winter 2021, and many years to come.

            #2- Chanel Les Beiges eyeshadow palette

I have always been a big fan of Chanel and found that although their products can come in at a hefty price the quality makes up for the extra money spent. This is especially true for their eyeshadow palettes. The palette of winter 2021 is the Les Beiges palette which, true to the name, has a mix of beige and browns. The colours are versatile, able to match almost any look and can be used for any occasion. I often wear this palette to work, but sometimes it can even be a great addition to my look for a night out with friends. Truly a great palette, with a price tag of $114.00. It can be found at David Jones now.

            #3- Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Azure eyeshadow palette

This palette incorporates the colour of the season, that is bronze! I have found that many of the newer eyeshadow palettes seem to centre around bronze as a key colour in the mix. This palette is no different. The Bronze Goddess Azure palette from Estee Lauder features bronze, of course, in addition to silky shades of matte blues and greens, and shimmering browns and blacks. You can create so many different looks with this one palette. I have found it to be so versatile and it has become a go-to for me this winter. You can pick up this palette from the companies site for $80.00 or, if it is sold out here, the going price on other sites is around $100.00.

            #4- Clarins Ombre 4-Colour Golden Hour eyeshadow palette

This is another palette that incorporates bronze into the mix of just 4 shades. The Clarins Ombre palette has few colours, yet so much can be accomplished with these it is astounding. I have always been somewhat sceptical of palettes that consist of so few colours, but they are great to provide a guide of what to mix and match. This brand has a range of 4-colour palettes, but the Golden Hour is by far my favourite of them all. This palette has a mix of bronze and brown to make your eyes pop. It can be purchased from the company site for $55.00, making it one of the most affordable eyeshadow palettes on the list.

            #5- Anastasia Beverley Hills Soft Glam II mini eyeshadow palette

This is a new brand that I was not familiar with, but the colours caught my attention in a good way. It includes both glittery shades of bronze and a range of matte colours that pair together nicely. The mix of warm and cool tones make it wearable almost anywhere. Best of all, this mini palette is travel-size, so it is easy to slip into your purse and take with you wherever you go! The colours are fully pigmented and quite easy to blend for a flawless look. It can be purchased from MECCA for just $49.00. The price does reflect the mini size, but if you want to go all out then you can purchase the full-size version for $76.00 from MECCA. It does have some additional colours added, but I found the mini so much more convenient to fit in my bag when out and about.

            #6- Urban Decay Stoned Vibes eyeshadow palette

I will finish off my list with another amazing product from Urban Decay! The Stoned Vibes eyeshadow palette is unique in that it has a range of metallic shades that are bold and beautiful. The colours include greens, purple and blue, with a few matte nude shades to tie them all together. This is another limited edition palette from the brand so you need to get in fast before they sell out! It is certainly a bold statement so I save this one for nights out rather than daily wear. But again we see bronze thrown into the mix! You can pick up this palette for $83.00 from MECCA, but hurry because they are selling fast.

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