Cosmetic Tattoos, Are They Worth It?

Welcome to the world of cosmetic tattooing. During the last decade, the use of cosmetic tattoos has risen dramatically and it is certainly something I have been considering for a very, VERY long time. We know that our morning routine would only be reduced by mere minutes each day with tattooed eyebrows, lip liner or eyeliner, but to have it looking perfect every day is priceless. Here are many beauticians all over the country who offer cosmetic tattooing on the spot, but is it right for you? I will explore the ins and outs of cosmetic tattooing to help you decide if the pain is worth the gain!

First things first, how longs does cosmetic tattooing last? This is similar to permanent tattooing, but the idea is that it will fade over time. So it does not last forever. Generally, beauticians give the lifespan of one to three years for any form of cosmetic tattooing. There have been reported cases of such beauty treatments lasting up to 20 years, but this is unlikely in most situations.

It is quite permanent and the rate at which fading occurs can depend on many individual factors. This includes skin type, medical conditions and even the colours that are used in the tattooing. A touch up is recommended and I usually get one every two to three years.

As with regular tattooing, cosmetic tattooing does have some pain associated with it but this can be controlled during the process. I did not use anything to numb the pain, but I understand that everyone has a different pain threshold and some friends of mine found it to be unbearable in comparison. We did go to the same beautician, so it was certainly not due to technique!

For eyeliners and eyebrows, you can have a topical anaesthetic cream applied so that it numbs the area around your eyes. Otherwise, for lipliner, you can visit your dentist beforehand for a complete block of the area. This means that you will feel no pain at all!

Cosmetic tattooing is very safe provided that you go to a reputable beautician. As with aesthetic tattooing, the equipment must be 100% sterile to avoid any kind of infection. So, if you already have a beautician that you trust, one who you know will keep their equipment and work area clean and germ-free, then this is a great place to start!

Knowing what equipment is being used and ensuring that it is sterile and safe is extremely important. No cosmetic procedure is worth jeopardising your health. Recommendations from your friends and family, or even reviews online, can help you to find the best beautician in your area who follows good hygiene practices.

It is just as important to follow the post-procedure instructions given to you at the end of your appointment. Keeping the area free of bacteria and other nasties will help it heal quicker and minimise the chance of infection.

With all of the hard-hitting questions out of the way, it is time to choose your colour! As you will be stuck with this colour for quite some time, around one to three years, it is vitally important to get the right shade.

Note to make when choosing your shade is that all colours are known to change upon implantation. This means that although the same colour may be used 20 times over they can occur differently on the skin of each person.

A great place to start is by bringing with you the cosmetics that you use daily. This will help the beautician to match as closely as possible the colours that you use and the ink used for your procedure.

Some things that may affect how the colour comes out on the skin include the amount of sun exposure your skin receives, any medications that you are taking or existing medical conditions, the products that you use on the area and your skins cellular makeup. Another way in which the colour may be altered is through the rigidity of following the post-procedure care instructions. Failure to adhere to the information given by your beautician may lead to some unwanted colour changes for the newly tattooed area.

Immediately after the procedure, the colour will appear more vibrant than days or weeks later. Do not assume that this is what the finished product will look like! It will get duller over time as it settles into the skin. A good guide is to wait six weeks after the procedure before judging the finished colour. Generally, this is enough time for the implantation to calm down and soften substantially.

You can organise a colour adjusting appointment with your beautician six to eight weeks following the original procedure if you are not entirely happy with the colour. They can work with you to get as close as possible to your perfect shade!

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