7 Must-Have Accessories for a Stylish Wardrobe Year Round

7 must have accessories

One thing I swear-by is a good, stylish accessory, as it changes and completely transforms the outfit. Great news – the 90’s are back with flannel shirts, combat shoes and chokers. I have a few of my favourites, well – 7 to be exact, of the must-have accessories for a stylish wardrobe, all year-round.

Belt bag

The belt bag is back with a bang, thanks to brands such as Gucci and Versace. It adds glam to any look with the best part being its convenience. You don’t have to lug a bag or fiddle with handbags, a hands-free belt bag is easy to handle and a perfect accessory. They come in vibrant and gender-neutral colours. Fun fact? It’s one of the oldest style accessories, but has now become an extremely fashionable item to carry. If you’re a newbie to belt bags, start with neutral colours, like a leather brown. It goes with just about any outfit, even dresses. The options are endless and so are these bags – timeless and they are here to stay!

Casual jewellery

My capsule wardrobe consists of my favourite paper of jeans, a nice sweater or shirt. I try to keep my dressing streamlined and easygoing. It helps me to keep looking my best, and I apply the same ideology to causal jewellery. I like to keep certain stylish essentials handy. A good piece of jewellery can help ramp up an everyday outfit to something versatile. My jewellery box always has certain timeless pieces such as my perfect diamond studs that I can pair with a white t-shirt and jeans just as I can with a satin dress – both look fabulous. I also am big on hoop earrings and I like to keep a pair handy. Without being over the top, they can revamp any outfit. I like to stack my rings. My collection of rings include a lot of singles and stack rings. I choose my jewellery more carefully than I choose my outfit. A piece of perfect jewellery will automatically result in a perfect outfit.


Always ensure that you invest in a good watch. You don’t need to have many just one. A steel watch is both professional and casual – depending on your outfit. You can choose from a variety of apple watches available now – they are trendy and easy to wear. A watch is called a timepiece for nothing. Personally, a watch adds character to a person’s outfit more than the outfit. Wearing a watch means both that you are professionally sound and know how to have fun too.

Slips and camis

This is not so much a style accessory as is a necessity for every wardrobe. Well, at least in the 90’s, every good outfit meant a good camisole. Just like COVID, camisoles are not going anywhere! Too soon to make that joke (hah!) However, slips and camis are perfect for summer. I try to pick trendy slips with asymmetric straps as they go with just about anything. Have you heard about Celia camisole? If not, buy one! It is one of the daintiest little cami tops, and every wardrobe needs it!


No matter your age, the weather of your country, always have a good scarf in your wardrobe. It is the most essential stylish accessory needed. They are best during winters no doubt, but even during summers, they are a perfect thing to wrap around a bikini bottom.

I love an oversized scarf which is mostly used in winters. I can layer up with a day-to-day sweater, but a bright big scarf makes me look pricey – just with an addition of a scarf.

Face mask

I had to add this. Now that we know, COVID-19 is here to stay, might as well stock up on good masks. They are now both a necessity and an accessory. I love silk face masks as they don’t absorb moisture from my skin and also don’t cause mask-acne. I also ensure that I wear clean masks each time I go out.

Tote Bags

A good tote bag is a luxury and a wardrobe must-have! I love LV for its timeless piece – Neverfull MM. But if you are looking for a cheaper option, just ensure that you choose classic colours. Because a tote bag is all you need to bring together any look. An everyday tote is perfect to have in any wardrobe.

Do you think I missed any must-have style accessories for every wardrobe?

Let’s hear your thoughts too!

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