5 Tips For Glowing Skin, Despite The Unpredictable Weather

As summer draws to a close we come to find ourselves amid ever-changing weather patterns. Rain, sun, wind, and humidity can all affect our skin in various ways. I find it is often hard to counteract the impact of the weather, not to mention everything that goes with it. By this, I mean the increased use of air conditioning and heating appliances which can also dry out your skin. Below I have compiled my top five tips so that despite what mother nature throws at us you can maintain that glowing complexion!

#1- Exfoliate

When the weather starts to turn cold it is no surprise that our skin can become dry and flaky. But there is one way we can combat this, by exfoliating every second day! Exfoliating helps to remove dead skin cells from the face and helps to promote the generation of new cells. This is why I try to incorporate this into my skincare routine every second day or so. I also avoid exfoliators that contain ingredients such as apricot pits or walnut shells as these can be quite harsh on the skin and cause micro-tears on the surface, causing more problems and even leading to breakouts!

The other issue that people can face with exfoliators is using them too often. This can dry out the skin and counteract this your body produces oil which can lead to breakouts. The recommended period to wait between exfoliating is generally one day to a week. But the important thing is to find what works for you.

#2- Moisturise

Moisturiser is perfect to achieve glowing skin for any skin type. It helps to add hydration to dry skin and draw it away from oily skin as long as you find the right product from your skin type. It gets rid of winter’s dry skin and hydrates when the weather warms up too. The myth is that you should not moisturize oily skin, but it helps to balance the oils in the skin and correct where necessary.

I try to use a lightweight moisturizer during the day, with an SPF rating as this also prevents sun damage. But during the night I use a heavier night cream to repair my skin while I sleep. It works by using intense hydrating ingredients to plump the skin and restore it ready for the day ahead! It should not feel greasy or oily either, a nice balance is perfect for your skin.

#3- Tone

Toners are our best friends! They help to balance the chemicals in our skin, even it out, and brighten our skin tone all at the same time. This means that your skin is looking fresh and rejuvenated and we are less inclined to wear as much makeup which is always a good thing for our skin health. This reduces the risk of breakouts and leaves you with a glowing complexion. You need to look into the best toner for your skin type, as with moisturizer there are many different kinds. I use it daily as a step in my cleansing process of a morning. You just need to find the perfect skin toner that will bring out your skin’s natural glow!

#4- Avoid powders

When you are looking for that perfect glowing complexion there is one thing that you should always avoid, and that is power makeup. It should come as no surprise that this dries out your skin as well as accentuating flakiness and dryness of the face for everyone to see. It is typically not dewy looking either, which is the exact opposite of what you are trying to achieve.

Where possible I switch my powders for sprays and liquids. This includes my setting spray and liquid foundation. I used to find that my setting powder made my skin look and feel dryer. Then once I shifted to a setting spray it had the exact opposite effect! It not only makes my skin look more hydrated but it works to hydrate my skin as well. The setting spray I have chosen is infused with coconut water so that it does have that moisturising effect and keeps my skin feeling fresh all day long. Along with a good quality liquid foundation, this results in glowing skin and overall good skin health. I would never revert to powders now that I know how bad they were for my skin and how much better my skin looks now!

#5- Try an illuminizing foundation

If the aim is glowing skin then we can also look at the type of foundation you are using. For that dewy finish, you will want to opt for an illuminizing foundation rather than a matte finish. A matte foundation will give your skin a very flat look, which will only accentuate dull and dry skin. An illuminizing foundation has the exact opposite effect, leaving your skin looking dewy and glowing!

For a good quality illuminizing foundation I find that price can be a bit of an indicator. The best I have found is usually the higher-end, trusted brands. But if you see an illuminizing foundation in a brand that you like, then it is worth a try. I’d recommend trying Mecca or Sephora, to find a good foundation. They give a good medium coverage avoiding that cakey look even if your skin is a little dry underneath. They are also generally oil-free so your skin will not be left looking shiny. An illuminizing foundation is the best of both worlds and I don’t know how I went so long without it! It is a must for your makeup bag and will help you achieve that healthy glow all year round.

These are just some of the ways that you can keep that healthy glow despite the effects of the weather. It can be tough to constantly adapt to the changing climate, especially on the cusp of one season rolling into another. But that should not stop you from making sure your skin is hydrated and oil-free no matter the weather!

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