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10 Free Organisation Apps You Need In Your Life

Since technology has become such an integral part of our lives many apps have been developed to help with our organisational skills. I rely heavily on my phone to keep myself in check. It is a great tool for when you feel overwhelmed. They can help to organise your work, your home life, your workout schedule, or even your sleep patterns. Below I have compiled a list of my 10 favourite free organisation apps that keep my life in order when the going gets tough!

#1- Keep notes

For list makers like me ‘Keep notes‘ is the best free app on the market. Not only can you write yourself notes, keep track of important info, but it can also make checklists. This app has become my new best friend!

#2- Google Home

If you have a Google nest or similar device then Google Home has to be one of your number one apps for organisation. It can link all your devices in one easy location and you can even operate most of them from your phone.

My favourite feature is routines. The app can compile parts of your device usage and create a routine, or you can program one in yourself. This is great for example, to operate your smart thermostat and ensure that the home is at the perfect temperature when you arrive home. All these little things help keep me more organised and in turn, give me more time for other activities.

#3- Lifesum

To keep track of my calories and exercise I always use Lifesum. If you are trying to lose weight or stick to a new diet or exercise routine then this app is a great help. There is a weight tracker so you can see how much weight you are losing consistently through a graph. It will also give you your BMI and compare it to a healthy BMI for your height.

With the free version, you can see how much fat, protein and carbs. There is a paid version with extra features but I find that the free version has enough features for my needs.

#4- Calm sleep

To get into a better sleep routine I use Calm Sleep. It sets an alarm for you to go to bed and to wake up in the morning so you can keep to your routine more rigidly. That is one less thing for me to think about!

I like to use the guided meditations available in the app but they also provide free sleep stories, music and more!

#5- Child reward

If your kids never stick to their chores then this app provides a fun platform to keep them on track. It lists rewards for completing chores, such as an extra hour of screen time. This is an engaging way to ensure the chores get done without the drama! It is recommended for any kids in the 4 to 12-year-old age range. I find it helpful, and the kids have never begged me to do their chores before this app!

#6- Grocery Shopping List – Listonic

The Grocery Shopping List from Listonic is one of the best free apps for organisation and I use it DAILY! Every time I run out of something in the kitchen or any cleaning products it goes straight on the list. I have not missed a thing since I started using this app and before it I was notoriously forgetful when it came to grocery shopping. I also find that I avoid impulsively buying things which is a huge bonus for my bank balance.

#7- Get Wardrobe

I hate having to pick an outfit every morning. With Get Wardrobe, after taking photos of everything in my closet, the decision has been made so much simpler. It makes it so much easier to organise my wardrobe and sort out my outfit each morning without trying a million things on! I am sure you can understand how much time that saves me, and you can too!

#8- Sweepy

We have spoken about getting the kids on top of housework, but for adult chores, I choose Sweepy to keep me in check! It helps me to organise my cleaning schedule and ensure that everything that needs to be done gets done. It’s simple to use and effective on all counts.

#9- SWEAT – Fitness app for women

This app is the only one I will use to organise my workouts. SWEAT gives you a great program to follow and is so easy to use. One of my favourite features is that you can link your own Spotify playlist. I started using this app on and off but the more I used it the better I found it to keep myself accountable for my fitness goals. If you struggle to commit to a workout routine then this free app could be the answer.

#10- Clue

Ladies! Let’s talk about that time of the month. One of my worst fears is being unprepared for my period, but never again! Gone are the days of highlighting your best guess on your calendar. I make sure I am not taken off guard by using the free period tracking app, Clue. You input your data, the estimated length of your period, the estimated time between periods so that you can get the best guess of when your next period will start.

It is constantly gathering data so that it can more accurately guess the key points of your cycle. I check it every few days so that I am never taken off guard again. If you struggle with keeping track of your period this is the app for you.

So these are my top 10 free organisation apps to improve your organisational game! I do not use all of them all the time, but there are certain points when I feel like one area of my life is spiralling and I use the relevant app to get me back on track. Do not let a simple problem get out of control, take initiative and download these free apps to simplify your life today!

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