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10 Easy Ways to Get in Shape for Summer

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Who doesn’t like a fit body? In an era where getting fit is as easy as working on a computer, how does one make conscious and healthy choices? I mean by undergoing the knife – working out and eating healthy is like always still-very-much a decision you must make everyday.

Every item in the market is now labeled – healthy and sugar free. But if you would look closely, you will realise that these so-called healthy products, items, procedures are not clean. There is a thing about shortcuts, they never work or hardly ever work.

I always tell myself that I need to make choices that my future self won’t regret. However, working out or getting in shape doesn’t have to be a tedious task. You can make simple life changes, which are easy to live with, and get yourself the perfect body you are always running after.

And no, you don’t need pricey diets or restrict yourself from eating healthy. Here are 10 ways to get in shape this summer. Let me rephrase that – 10 easy ways – Number 10 being the most important – to get in shape and stay in shape.

  1. Go on a walk everyday

Yes, walking helps your body. It boosts your activity level, and keeps you more focused throughout the day. If you are not a morning, go in the evening! Tone those legs, girl!

  1. Don’t fall for fads

Drinking so and so tonic or a 30 min workout to lose kgs in a matter of months? You need to really ask yourself a question… If you went to a dietician, would he or she recommend this to you? The answer is NO! All these fads are marketing gimmicks. Anything that takes such a short time is either nonsense or extremely unhealthy for you to follow.

  1. Eat a healthy diet

Well, this is the most cliched line ever written. Well, not the most cliched, but yes cliched. Yet, till date it stands true. Eating consciously and ensuring that you understand why your body is seeking a particular food item can help you maintain a healthier lifestyle. In addition, take an allergy test. You would not even know how many food items you are allergic to, but once you know? You are on your way to lose weight and get back in shape.

  1. Don’t rush into extreme diets

Don’t all altogether start eating only veggies or drinking smoothies. Take your time with a healthier lifestyle. It will help you sustain it.

  1. Sweat it

Get your heart pumping and your body sweating! Do workouts that you enjoy the most. If you like swimming, go for swimming, or dancing, or play a sport. If you will do things you enjoy, your body won’t treat it as a tedious workout but rather as a reward, fun time, and your brain will release more dopamine; therefore you will be able to enjoy it as you workout. Yes, trick your brain.

  1. Less cardio, more training

More than cardio, strength training will help you lose those tough fatty spots and get you muscles instead.

  1. Skipping meals?

That is a big NO NO! Yes, in capitals. Do not, and I repeat, do not miss your meals especially your breakfast and your lunch. These two meals are very important for your body. Make them fun, and do not forget to include good fats such as avocado! Everyone loves avocado, don’t we?

  1. Do not forget to warm up & cool down

Wondering why this is included in the list? We always skip warm up or don’t prioritize cooling down. An injury can delay your entire process of getting fit. Choose wisely, make healthier decisions, and stretch your muscles. You want to prepare your body for any type of physical activity you undertake; hence, ensure that you are relaxing your muscles.

  1. Losing your will? Find a partner

Again, why is this an easy way? If you have someone who is as keen on getting fit as you are – that someone is your key to staying consistent, including mindfulness, and constantly telling yourself that you can do it! A partner will keep you motivated. Like I am hoping to do!

  1. Don’t negative talk your body

Just as anyone else in the room hears you, your body knows your thoughts. Telling yourself negative things will not compliment your goals. It is time that you work on this first and foremost before you start with anything else.

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