How to Stay Motivated as a Brand New Entrepreneur

When first starting in the big wide world of business it is easy to get lost. By lost, of course, it is not the physical sense of the word but rather lost in the sea of tasks that you need to accomplish eventually. You see, there are so many aspects of a business to balance, especially when you are first starting and the groundwork has not already been established. You need to design websites and social media pages, confirm products and packaging, hire a workforce if required. With so many moving parts it is easy to find ourselves entirely overwhelmed and unmotivated. So, how do you keep your head above water? Below are a few simple tips to help keep you on the right track and stop you from drowning in the workload that lay ahead.


  1. Create the perfect morning routine

Starting your day right can help to focus you throughout the rest of the daylight hours. Productivity starts as soon as you open your eyes, so make sure that you get into the right frame of mind right away. It is different for everyone, but if you require a cup of coffee before you can function put this first on your list. Does a warm morning shower help focus your thoughts? Put that up at number one! Once you are ready and in the office or workspace, there are a few simple and important tasks that you can focus on to help get the ball rolling.

Number one should always be your list of daily or long term goals. Having a list written down, whether that is on a blackboard by your desk or on your phone, can help to motivate you. The perfect balance should be three-quarters business-related goals, such as contacting potential investors, and one-quarter personal goals, like exercising. Getting into the habit of writing down your to-do list first thing is the key to any successful morning routine. It will also help to keep you focused.


  1. Set reminders for specific events

It is easy to get caught up in one task and let others fall by the wayside. But, when you have certain tasks that need your attention at specific times, it is important to set reminders. This is easy to do from your phone, you can set an alarm to signify a certain upcoming task or to let you know that you have completed your delegated time for one aspect of work. You may have an hour or two to devote to social media pages. You may have an upcoming meeting with potential investors. You can not always focus an entire day on one thing. Starting a new business is about finding that balance and not allowing anything to escape you. Letting one thing slide can have detrimental effects so making sure that you have a grasp on all aspects and have enough time for each is imperative.


  1. Set personal goals

Much like your to-do list, listing your personal goals can help to keep that motivation thriving, even when things start to get tough. You would have already set your business goals, but focusing solely on your business will see you burn out in no time. Often we forget our personal goals when starting a business, but it is important to keep them insight. What was it that made you want to become an entrepreneur in the first place? These may include working for yourself, creating your projects or putting your time and energy into something close to your heart. Making a poster or a vision board for your personal goals will help to keep you on the right path and avoid losing motivation along the road to success.


  1. Join the “Read With Entrepreneurs Book Club”

Reading can help to learn new skills and temporarily escape reality. Those of us who read can better focus our attention and can find new and creative solutions to problems. Online book clubs, like the one quoted above, can help to introduce you to like-minded people and share common concepts and goals while broadening your knowledge base at the same time.

The “Read With Entrepreneurs Book Club” focus on sharing from books they have read about motivational stories or inspiring topics. It is a safe place to connect with individuals who may be facing the same struggles as you are currently and seek help from those who have overcome hurdles as a new entrepreneur.


  1. Get a good night’s sleep

There is a common misconception that success stems from late nights and early mornings. The film industry depicts successful people in business as burning the candle at both ends, but in reality, that is not the case. Getting a good night sleep is crucial to keeping your concentration and motivation throughout the working day. It is important to note that by delaying tasks to get some rest you will complete them in half the time the following day, and feel a whole lot better for it!

There are many ways in which you can find the right balance for your business and stay motivated, but the above are simple and broad steps that you can take. At the end of the day, when you do achieve a short or long term goal and see progress it is important to reward yourself. Take some time, whether it is a few hours or a few days, and congratulate yourself. Starting a new business from the ground up is not an easy task. Take pride in the little things and know that as long as you are moving forward, you are doing everything right. It takes time to find the delicate balance between work and personal life. The lines can get a bit blurry at times, but sticking to your goals and aspirations in the business sector as well as what you want to achieve for you alone will help you to find the right mix.

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