Building Your Dream Home

build your dream home

So, you have taken that leap, bought that perfect block of land, and now it is time to jump into building and designing your dream home? It can be quite an overwhelming task.

It takes months, it requires a lot of work and money, and it can be stressful at time. So how do you go about building for the first time? Here I have some tips on how to ensure that your dream home comes together with little stress so you can move in sooner and start living in your newly developed property.

Look at your goals

First you should look at setting your goals. It is all about research and ensuring that you know what you want and how to make that happen! Once you set your goals, both long term and short term, you can work towards achieving them one at a time.

This requires that satisfaction of both your left and right brain, the emotional and the practical. When setting each goal on your list ask yourself some questions and see how you can improve the outcome.

For example, what do you want to achieve? Where do you want to be? What are the costs involved? Does plan A make sense, and what is plan B?

Get a budget

The second thing to do is to establish your budget. It should of course be included in your goals, but the overall budget should be thought of as a separate step.

Begin with what you can afford and how you will fit your plans into this budget. When you have established your starting budget you should start getting down to the details.

From the cost of the land to the local fees and taxes. The design and engineering fees. Everything that goes along with a new build should be included so you have a good idea of how much it will really cost you.

Find, acquire or build!

If you have not taken this step already, find a block of land, or a neglected older house, to purchase and start building! You need to think about your lifestyle, where you want to be and how your home will fit in with the surrounding houses.

What is the resell looking like in your area? Is it close to schools? Transport? Shopping centres? There are a range of things that make a block of land worthwhile and this is really down to the individual.

Assemble a trustworthy team

Although you may be a DIY guru, there are certain tasks that you will want trained professionals to complete. Depending on your training and skillset, you will want to assemble a trustworthy team of professionals, plumbers, builders, carpenters, whatever you need to make your dream home a reality.

A trusted architect and builder are the two most important on the list. They will ensure that the house is designed the way that you want it and also advocate when things do not look like they will work as you planned. They can find the best solutions to your problems and will be part of the build for the longest time.

The importance of Planning

Planning is the most important step. You need to plan everything down to the letter, along with your architect. This will likely prevent little hiccups down the road and allow a smooth process for your development.

Use your big ideas and make them a reality, make sure you pay attention to details and ensure you always have a back-up plan if things do not work out as you planned originally.

Things will sometimes not go to plan. With a big project like this, and it does not get much bigger than building a home, you will run into problems. It is the way that you overcome these problems that will make or break you. Having a back-up plan is a start, but always accept the inevitable.

Nothing goes smoothly all the time and you WILL have problems arise, that is a fact of life. Two good tips to ensure you still end up with what you wanted is to never back down if it is something that you wanted and never turn a blind eye to issues as they arise.

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