Branding Tips to Implement in 2022

The year 2021 has drawn to a close, and what a year it has been! But to keep the much-needed momentum going, what changes can you make to your brand in the upcoming new year? There are many ways in which you can bring an increase in sales, but one simple and effective way is through your branding. The way that new products are branded has a surprising and monumental impact on sales. It impacts the way that consumers view the product and can be the make or break when you are releasing new items or even launching your entire range. Below are some top tips on how you can increase sales through branding in 2022.


  1. Find out how OTHERS view your brand


This is the absolute first thing that you should look into. Often what we see our brand to be is not reflected effectively through our products. How you look at your branding can differ greatly from what the consumer views it as.


To help ensure that your branding reflects you and your companies values, ask close friends and family, coworkers, or even random members of the public what first comes to mind when they look at your branding. This can include the logo, packaging, or even the slogans used. If it does not reflect what you want it to, then you can start asking what the consumer would change or how they would more accurately promote what you want to sell. Would they buy the product in the current packaging? Focus groups are a great place to start!


  1. Build up your business online


2020 and 2021 were the years of COVID-19, and this meant for businesses that online shopping increased exponentially. If you do not already have a strong online presence then this could be the time to start. Revamp your website and incorporate the latest trends in your social media posts. You could even look into opening up new social media platforms to your business. If you have a creative or natural products brand do you already have a Pinterest page? Trying out new social media platforms can open up new doors for your brand and you may just find the perfect fit in a place you had not thought of previously,


  1. Consistency is key


The hardest brands to promote are those which seem all over the place. Make sure you are not trying to venture down too many avenues at one time and remember to be consistent. Your brand’s story should be present in everything that you do, from marketing emails to websites and social media pages. Make sure that everything that you do is consistent and this can extend to colour schemes that you use in your logo, packaging and website. Make sure that the consumer can associate all the different products easily, this technique for subliminal messaging is of great use when you are trying to instil your branding to the customer. All of your products and branding should be easily linked together by one common aspect you can choose what that may be.


  1. Do not be a people pleaser


the fact of the matter is, like all things in life, it is impossible to please everyone. You will never be able to be everything to everyone, so focus on being the best brand for a specific set of consumers. This will make marketing much easier when you know what your customer base looks like. Being yourself and emanating this within your branding is crucial to creating a successful brand. Do not be afraid to be unique and quirky and different. People look for things that are not like everything else. They want something that is special and sticks out from the crowd. With so many products on the market in every kind and colour you want to do something a little different and that means that you will inevitably minimise your audience.


  1. Get creative with your brand-building awareness


This is where things get a little sneaky. There are several things you can do to promote your brand that will utilise your current customer base. One of the best ways to boost word-of-mouth promotion is through the implementation of a referral program. If customers are offered free products or discounts when they refer a new customer you are not only getting repeat business but also widening your consumer base. Other ways that you can promote your brand easily and efficiently is through running a podcast, offering freemium content or even running social media campaigns and competitions. Social media competitions are a great way to promote your product and your page by getting new and current customers to like your page and share your post to be in the draw for a prize or free products. All of these can help promote your brand and increase the likelihood of making new sales.


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