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Best Workouts to Do at Home

With gyms closing on and off throughout the year I have been finding it hard to keep up with my fitness regime like so many others. But I have compiled a list of some of the best workouts I have found that you can do in the comfort of your own home! This is a great option during this time of uncertainty that we face which is why I have outlined below some of my personal favourites to keep you in the best shape during the unprecedented pandemic.

A good intensive warmup is where I always start when I am working out, whether at the gym or home. It is essential to get my muscles moving and ensure that I do not injure myself in the name of fitness. Try the following regime which is one of my personal favourites;

Jumping jacks for 25 reps

Lunges for 5 reps on each leg

Squats for 30 reps

Forward leg swings for 10 reps each leg

Side leg swings for 10 reps each leg

Push-ups for 10-20 reps

Hip extensions for 10 reps each side

The aim of the workout is not to tire you out but rather to warm your body up. I recommend starting small and working up to the full warm-up as you get used to the routine. Next, you can choose from a few of my favourite workout routines depending on your level of fitness and your lifestyle.

#1- Beginner bodyweight workout

This was a great way for me to get into the swing of things when working out at home. All I needed was weights and space to perform the workout, but it can be easily done in the lounge room or outdoors.

Bodyweight squats for 20 reps

Walking lunges for 10 reps on each leg

Plank for 15 seconds

Push-ups for 10 reps

Dumbbell rows for 10 on each arm

Jumping jacks for 30 reps

#2- Advanced bodyweight workout

As I got into the routine and found that I was not as exhausted by the above routine I reconfigured the bodyweight exercises to make them slightly more strenuous.

One-legged squats for 10 reps each side

Walking lunges for 20 reps

Bodyweight squats for 20 reps

Pull-ups for 10 reps

Dips for 10 reps

Chin-ups for 10 reps

Push-ups for 10 reps

Plank for 30 seconds

#3- The hotel routine

When I found myself in the confines of a hotel I was wondering how I could keep up with my exercise regime and that was when I decided to make the most of what I had! This quick 20-minute routine is easily done in the comfort of your hotel room should you find yourself in isolation following a trip shortly.

Bodyweight squats for 20 reps

Incline push-ups (with your hands on the bed or a bench) for 15 reps

One-arm luggage rows using your suitcase as the weight for 10 reps

Reverse crunches for 10 reps

Overhead squats for 25 reps

Push-ups for 20 reps

Inverted rows using a desk or table for 10 reps

Reverse crunches for 15 reps

#4- High-intensity interval training

 It is easy enough for me to go for a swim, bike ride, or run around the block. But I also found that a HIIT style workout that was great for my entire body was through burpees! They do not require a lot of room and are a great way to keep in shape.

 To perform a burpee, start standing up and then squat down, kicking your legs out from behind you. Do a push-up, bring your legs back in, and jump up. Try and do 20 reps to imitate a traditional HIIT workout, then rest for two minutes before trying again. I usually repeat this until I feel pretty exhausted, and trust me it does not take long!

If you ensure that you take into account your fitness level and the routine which suits your particular lifestyle then you will quickly find that, like myself, COVID-19 is not going to get you down and ruin all that hard work you put in at the gym! Start slow and make sure you start with a warm-up each time before.

Love & blessings

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