Best Breakfast Charcuterie Boards

I’ve always been such a sucker for the weekend – I sleep a little longer and enjoy my cup of coffee on my couch rather than in the car. Another huge perk… you have time to prepare hotel style breakfasts.

Fantastic charcuterie boards have become a mainstay on social media, as images of fancy cheese and meat roses are just around every corner. What if you could channel this energy into an exciting update for breakfast? Breakfast charcuterie boards are a splendid new trend I’m so excited to share with you because breakfast charcuterie boards give you everything you desire for a classy, delicious breakfast.

From fluffy pancakes, crispy bacon, juicy fruits, and melting cheese. For an ultimate result, combine sweet and savory, raw nuts, creamy dips, and a variety of jams.

Bagels and smoked salmon, delicious sausages, and pickles. A collection of tastes and flavours you love the most to make your breakfast a small feast.

These breakfast charcuterie board ideas will help you create a real piece of are by selecting the food your family loves the most and surprise them with a fancy serving of breakfast.


Breakfast Board Tips:

Pick a theme to help you style the board and choose the main items. Maybe you prefer a healthier/fresher/fruitier vibe. Perhaps sweet breakfasts of pure indulgence are your sweet spot. Maybe you’re a savoury girl and would kill for a full English fry up. Pick one and play to the strengths.

Choose a few stars of the show: Filling these boards is about abundance but not needlessly adding too much of one thing. Choose a few stars that will be the main event, place them in key spots on the board and then use smaller items to fill the gaps.

Find fun fillers: Fill the gaps in between with fun, small items that make sense. On a healthy board that could be nuts, seeds or popcorn. On a sweet board it could be scattered berries or little marshmallows

Create various heights: Visual excitement comes from layers, so don’t be afraid to use small bowls and folded baking paper to create layers and height on the board. You could also stack items like grapes into a small mountain for visual effect.

Have fun: Now that you have some suggestions, remember they’re only suggestions… put on what you like and serve what you or your family likes and dish it up with love.

Here are some of my favourite ideas…

Pancakes & Sausages Board


Breakfast is not the same without pancakes which is why they’re the star of this charcuterie board. You can prepare them in so many different variations from different recipes. Banana pancakes or classical it’s up to you.

Other ingredients include various fruits, yoghurt, egg, sausages and bacon.


Bagel Charcuterie Board


Bagels are great with butter, cream cheese, and perfectly fit for a breakfast charcuterie board. This board highlights a variety of different bagels including oat, wholemeal, multi-grain and blueberry to widen the breakfast palette.

Other ingredients include fruits, vegetables, and spreads such as cream cheese, jams, peanut butter and Nutella.


Bacon and Eggs Board


Another variation of the classic bacon and eggs breakfast, but with a whole of benefits! The centrepieces of this breakfast charcuterie board include hard boiled eggs, bacon, sausages and fried tomatoes.

Other ingredients include fruits, vegetables, toasted baguettes, assorted meats, and various chutney.

Pomegranate and Pistachio Board


This breakfast charcuterie board emphasises the pomegranate. Exotic and extremely healthy, pomegranate is full of antioxidants and vitamins, making it the perfect start to your day.

Other ingredients include other fruits, cheeses, and assorted meats.

Top-Your-Own Toast Board


How do you like to top your toast? Savoury or sweet? I love this Top-Your Own Toast Board because you can have both!

Other ingredients include avocado, bacon, fruits, sunny side up eggs, and various spreads like jams, peanut butter and Nutella.

Waffles Charcuterie Board


Mm, waffles… they taste so good with any kind of toppings.

Other ingredients include assortment of fruits, various spreads and bacon.

Donuts and Fruits Board


Donuts with a cup of coffee have complete different tastes when served at home on a charcuterie board.

Other ingredients include fruits, granola, croissants, and jam.

Salmon Bagel Board


Spruce up the traditional bagel breakfast board by adding some salmon. Smoked salmon goes perfectly with bagels, cucumber bites and avocado.

Other ingredients include fruits and vegetables, cream cheese and hummus.

Egg and Sausage Board


Don’t forget to add a savoury flavour to your charcuterie board. For additional style, consider pickles or capers to add to this egg and sausage board.

Other ingredients include bagels, tomato, smoked salmon, and various fruits.

Toasts Breakfast Charcuterie Board


I really like the smell of fresh-baked toasts with melting butter, and a hot cup of coffee. In combination with fresh fruits, and soft, tender croissants, you will get a French-style breakfast board.

Other ingredients include egg, bacon, waffles, choc chips, jam, honey, avocado and granola.


Cinnamon Bagel Board


Enjoy a variety of jams and dips for one of the most delicious bagels; cinnamon flavoured!

Suggested spreads and dips for the bagels include peanut butter, raspberry jam, blueberry yoghurt, apricot jam, and honey.


Cinnamon Roll Board


This sweet breakfast board takes all the things you love at breakfast including cinnamon rolls, and pain au chocolates, and gives you permissions to eat them all at once.

Other ingredients include macaroons, yoghurt and granola jars, fruits, muffins, and honey.

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