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The Benefits of Reading

benefits of reading

There is no better feeling than cuddling up on the couch or sitting outside in the sunshine and getting lost in a book. It’s something that I love to do, it really helps by taking me away from reality, even for a little moment. I love how much I learn from reading, how I can take these skills into my everyday life. The more you read, the more you will know and the more we know the further we will grow. Reading has so many benefits and I’d love to share my personal favourites with you.

Releases Stress

No matter how stressful your day was or how you are feeling, when you pick up a book and start ready it takes away the stress. It helps by switching your mind to the book and getting caught up in the story. All the worries from the day fade away, you start to feel relaxed and there isn’t a better feeling. When we read time seems to evaporate and before we know it minutes have turned into hours and we still can’t stop. I know I’ve spent several nights just saying to myself, ‘Just one more chapter’ then that turns into two then five. A good book has the power to release all worries.

Takes you away

A well written story can transport you away into another place, removing all the worries that surround you. You’ll be transported into the characters mind and experience everything that happens in the book. It can take you away from reality, which is something that we all need to do every once in a while.

Increases Knowledge

No matter fiction or non-fiction, we learn so much from a book. They are educational and everything we read we use in our daily life without even noticing it. That’s the power of a book, it gives us little bits of knowledge that we use throughout our lives.  The more knowledge we have the further we will get in our life.

Improved Focus

There is so many distractions in our life, especially with the increase in technology and the ever-growing apps. In one day our mind is focused and pulled in many different directions.

We are focused on one thing, then another task pops up, a phone call, email and our day quickly becomes overloaded with new information. With a book it draws your attention, it’s the only thing you focus on and your mind feels focused for the first time today. Everything else around you disappears and your book is the only thing on your mind.


Who doesn’t love escaping into a new world? I do, especially a well written book that let’s me escape reality and let’s me create new worlds in my mind. That’s the power of a book, it allows your imagination to run wild, you can create these descripted worlds how you would see them. It allows our brain to work and exercise by taking the information that we read and turn it into a reality in our mind.

Memory Improvement

Reading can also help with memory improvement, when reading a story we have to remember the characters, locations and every little detail. Your brain is constantly retaining information as you read through a story and this helps to improve your memory. Sometimes it could be a week since we have read a book but when we open it back up and start reading our memory comes into play. It reminds us about what’s happened and that’s our memory working at it’s best.

Improves your writing skills

You can learn a lot from reading a book not only can it teach you life skills but also skills you can take into your career. Almost all writers and avid readers. That is where they learn to write powerful stories, plots and characters. It helps by learning from other writing style and structure. What we read can helps us improve our own writing skills. Reading can also inspire us to tell our own story and start exercising our writing skills. Most of what we learn comes from a book.

There are many benefits from reading and I’d love to know what you love most about reading? And what your all time favourite book is? One that you always come back to, that you are always recommending to all your friends.

Love & blessings


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