5 Humble Australian Skin Care Brands to Know and Love

I’m a massive fan of exploring the abundance of organic, locally-sourced skincare products in Australia– a country ripe with natural wonders. For the love of beauty and healthy living, Australian skincare brands are boosting the local economy through sustainable ways.

With more and more brands touching base online, the local skincare industry is seemingly at the top of its game. Because of the massive options available, it’s easy to get lost in the sparkle of new products. I’m always searching for Australian-made gems, and these local brands are what I love at the moment:


I’m a curious consumer who puts high value in product transparency, and I love Ahria, as this Aussie brand was ‘born out of love and care for families’. When Phil Wang, the founder, found out that most off-the-shelf products are full of harmful chemicals and misleading information, he couldn’t risk his newborn child and wife. He then made it a mission to create organic skincare that would be naturally safe for anyone.

As proof of Phil’s efforts, Ahria’s Organic Herbal Essences Cream was awarded the 2019 Certified Organic Cosmetic Product of the Year by the Australian Organic Industry Awards. The award-giving body recognized Ahria’s efforts to produce honest-to-goodness products that put your skincare safety above all else.


Miód combines the complexity of science and the beauty of native ingredients to create unique products that put the spotlight on local ingredients. For them, natural beauty comes naturally. It comes from the native flora that thrives in Australian soil. From these plants, pure extracts are collected to produce organic products that help the skin flourish – just like how the sun nourishes a plant to grow!

Miód takes advantage of locally-recurrent resources to create products such as the Plant-Based Collagen Serum, which feels amazing on my skin and brings hydrating benefits. The serum is suitable for all skin types, is cruelty-free, and 100% chemical-free. It strengthens the skin by using seaweed collagen that is similar in structure to the collagen in our bodies. Now that’s a natural solution!

Indi Bare Skin

For Indi Bare Skin, matcha is not just an ingredient you use for bubble teas and ice cream. Their main product, the Matcha Clay Antioxidant Mask, is an all-natural clay mask that can do better than add flavour to your skin.

You might be wondering what sets this product apart from the hundreds of clay masks being sold online. How is this different? Well, it’s the results. Customers were hooked to having instantly soft, hydrated, and glowy skin, and that’s exactly what they got. By detoxifying the skin and eliminating dead skin cells, the clay works like green magic to clear any impurities. If you’re still in doubt, well, there’s only one way to know. Right?


Willelaine is not your ordinary skincare brand. While most brands follow the usual production of moisturizers and toners, Chloe Elaine, the founder, is dedicated to bringing about the relevance of aromatherapy in energizing, protecting, and nourishing our well-being.

Willelaine is 100% pure and natural essential oils and 100% homemade. It has all the good qualities of an organic brand that is continuing to stay true to its unique value proposition.

Their diverse products aim to promote aromatherapy as an essential part of one’s daily routine. From refreshing linen mists, relaxing pillow mists, and calming roll-ons, you’ll be quick to realize that small moments of peace can be achieved in just a few sprays. Once you get a whiff of those oils, it can only smell like a blessing.

Saint Germaine

As a fan of minimalism, the philosophy and creative direction of Saint Germain is stimulating, to say the least. The brand dabbles on the legendary wisdom of the Count of St. Germain. In essence, they believe that we get to love and care for ourselves by using earthly elements. Without the herbs, medicinal plants, and nourishing properties of nature, then skincare products wouldn’t exist and become as effective as it is today.

Saint Germaine is 100% plant-based and chemical-free. Each product they formulate is made to enlighten and heal. They also apply ingredients that have been used historically, such as rosemary and almond oil. With every product they release, the appreciation for Mother Nature grows, just as it should.

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