5 Free Platforms for Beginners Wanting to Create Their Own Website

Free Platforms for Beginners

One of the most important things to do when starting a new business in this day and age is to open an eye-catching website for current and future customers. In a world of uncertainty, especially since the occurrence of the COVID-19 virus, many businesses big and small have been relying on their online presence to keep them afloat. This is why choosing a good platform for your website is key to your success in business. That being said, a website does not need to cost you an arm and a leg. Below we have compiled our top 5 favourite free platforms for beginners to create their own website to accurately reflect your products or services and make them appealing for customers.


  1. Webnode

This is definitely one of our favourites. There are of course some pros and cons for the free versions of all the website design platforms that we will be looking at, but let’s start with the positives. Webnode allows you to choose from many different templates and has no page limit for free users. You can change SEO settings across all of your pages and it is easy to use and beginner-friendly. You can upgrade to the paid version at a later date should you wish to use the premium features that Webnode has to offer. The free plan only allows for 100MB storage, which is suitable for most first time users. The paid plan is quite affordable, at as little as USD$3.90 per month. It is definitely one of our top picks and we can see a lot of users able to get by on just the free version.


  1. Wix

You may have already heard of Wix as it is one of the market leaders, and it is built for business. The editor is very flexible and there are hundreds of templates to choose from, even with the free version. This means that you can get close to the exact look that you are searching for easily. Again there is no page limit, but Wix allows for up to 500MB of free storage space as opposed to the 100MB given by the free version of Webnode. It contains full SEO customisation and is by far the easiest to use with the most features without spending a dime. There is of course a paid subscription, but we doubt that you will need it. The only downside that we see is the URL that is given is quite long and not easy to remember as the other free platforms. The ads are also very visible, but if it becomes a problem they can be removed by using the paid version. All in all, Wix is a great place to start website building for beginners.


  1. Ucraft

Ucraft is different to the other choices in several ways. One of which is the fact that you can connect a proper domain name for free, which is unique to their platform alone. The templates have a decent selection available and are all quite modern in design. The size of the ad on the free version of the website is minimal and the support section was very helpful, so if you find it hard to start then you have all the resources available to you at no cost. The free plan however does not allow anything to do with social media, articles or eCommerce. It is also a bit slow to load at times. You do have a page limit of 15, which is still sufficient, but there are no SEO options.


  1. Weebly

Weebly is similar to the above platforms, but it does have some prominent pros and cons. There is a free storage space of up to 500MB with no limit on pages. It also has the extra addition of third-party add-ons in the app centre. You can edit the SEO settings for all pages too. The problem with this platform is the ads. There is a very noticeable footer ad on all pages and a cookie notice that can not be switched off. It is also impossible to have this site work with Google Analytics, so you can not use a viewer count to see how many hits your website is getting.


  1. Webstarts

If the above platforms have not yet impressed you then Webstarts could be the right fit. It has the most storage out of all the free platforms, with an impressive 1GB. The SEO settings can be edited for all pages and it allows 10 products from the online store for free. The footer ad is small and can be closed by your customers, although while scrolling it does still appear. It is not as modern as some of the other website builders, and then there are a few good templates to choose from. If you are looking to upgrade to the paid version the rates are not very clearly outlined either. You would have to do some more investigation into costs should you choose to start on the paid version. All in all, it is a good platform with some unique features, but there is a lot to be the desired design-wise.

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