3 Steps to Creating Your Own At-Home Spa Day

Own At-Home Spa Day

Times are unpredictable and stressful – so this once luxury is now a huge part of my wellness routine. I’ve had to prioritise my health both physical and mental, and a little self-care goes a long way even at the best of times.

I have always loved the unplugged blissfulness of a good spa day with full-body massages and facials. Those hours of pure pampering are the ultimate indulgence; yet a spa trip doesn’t always fit into my schedule or my budget!

You can easily recreate a relaxing spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home so there’s no excuse for not taking a moment to yourself! Here are some of my handy home spa tips!


Alluring Atmosphere

Mood is everything when it comes to your own spa day at home. Setting the overall mood and creating the ideal cosy feeling is an absolute MUST when it comes to relaxation. This is ‘me’ time, no dogs, cats, kids, significant others, emails, texts, or calls. I never forget to switch my phone to “Do Not Disturb”. Turn off the TV and all judgements about your so-called flaws.

Scent is key to any spa environment – for so many it can help trigger memories of relaxation. Gather your favourite aromatherapy candles or oil diffusers. Your At-Home-Spa atmosphere is 100% individual, for me I’ve always enjoyed citrus and fruity candles that remind me of summertime beach resorts. Perhaps you have a bottle of your favourite massage oil or a flowery candle lying around you could use. If you’re not sure, lavender and jasmine are known for their calming properties, or even experiment for yourself.

Lighting is just as important for relaxation. I find darkness to be most relaxing and rejuvenating so find myself dimming the lights with the candlelight or stringing up fairy lights for a little added sparkle. 

While dimmed lighting and scented candles create the perfect atmosphere, adding a soothing musical playlist is essential to any spa setting. Silence can and does fill your mind with random and cluttered thoughts. Choose your favourite romantic tracks or soothing nature melodies like forest ambience or peaceful streams. If you’re unsure of what to play, head over to Spotify or YouTube, where there are plenty of ready-made lists to tune out to.


Cosy Accessories

Once I’m happy with my set up, it’s time to add all the little extras that make the experience really special. I only have one bathrobe, but I’ve made sure it is the fluffiest robe I could own. Make sure to slip into fluffy slippers and use your best towels. Comfort and leisure are the essence of a spa day at home.  Try accessorising with a drink or two whether it’s your favourite wine, infused water or a hot cocoa or tea.

Beauty Treatment

The atmosphere is set, so now it’s nearly time for your relaxing spa treatments. There are lots of good treatments you can try for your skin, eyes, nails, and hair. Everyone is so different so finding the best relaxing spa treatments for you is essential to your at-home spa session.


If you’re a bath lover there are plenty of options for taking it from every day to exceptional including bubbles and bombs. I like to add Epsom salts if my muscles are feeling particularly tight so I can help relax them. Otherwise, I find it soothing to add a bath bomb for a little extra glamour to my spa routine. Do you prefer showers or simply don’t have a bath? There’s no need to miss out. Adding a few drops of essential oil into the base of the shower before hopping will increase the aroma of the room. Regardless of shower or bath, ensure you cleanse your face and body like you normally would, however adding an extra step of exfoliating your body is something I love to include for my at-home spa.

Applying a face mask can really impact the at-home spa experience. There are several options for how to indulge yourself in an at-home facial. You can find sheet masks that do the trick perfectly or cream masks you rub onto your skin. Ensure you apply one that’s tailored to your skin concerns. I love cream masks and often apply several different masks for different purposes to really help my face feel rejuvenated.

All good spa sessions should end with phenomenally soft and hydrated skin. Restore the moisture by massaging in a nourishing moisturiser or body oils. I always make sure to take my time with this step.

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